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Sunday, 1 July 2012

WIP: Saga Vikings, both batches #3

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Having done nothing at all yesterday on the painting front, I cracked on with the vikings today. The unarmoured guys got a thinned coat of their original tunic and breeches colours which has done what I wanted and made them look slightly less grubby. I also gave their faces and hands a very thinned coat of Flesh Base and they look fine now.

Phew! Only one coat needed to correct the over-grubbying of the wash I stupidly gave them.

All of the figures then had their detailing done - belt buckles, scabbard tips, dagger/knife handles, amulets, touching up shield bosses & rims and highlighting of blades, helmets and armour. I did take a number of photos, but the details are difficult to pick out in group shots. I'll try to do some close-up shots of individuals. Here's a group shot anyway:

Once I've posted this I'll give them all a Klear/ink coat then tomorrow morning I'll spray them with matt varnish if the weather is fine.

Frontline Gamer's "Sunday Sermon" today is a very well considered and written piece about sexism in gaming, whether it puts females off the hobby and what can be done to address it. I'm guessing that it is more of an issue with some genres and venues than others - I haven't really encountered it myself since I got back into wargaming, but that could be because my interest lies with historical periods and I game at a club where I'm one of the youngest members (so the "boys" have had enough time to be "educated" by the women in their lives). However, I have encountered it on the forums of a few online games I've played and to a lesser degree on some wargaming/miniatures forums. Usually it is just a couple of immature idiots that are responsible who are quickly put down by other people.


  1. Nice to see those Vikings coming along. Now I am off to read about how to be a sexist!!!

  2. Very nice indeed! Definitely coming along a treat!

  3. Thanks guys - the next steps are on hold due to the weather (raining - can't go outside to spray), unless I skip to the basing and do the matt coat later. almost there with these.