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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

WIP: Lorraine Knights #4; WIP: Swiss Handgunners #1

I didn't fancy doing anything too complex this evening, so I just finished off the basics on the horses - bridles, leg markings, ground colour on bases. I also painted the manes and tails of a few of the chestnut horses in a lighter shade.

As I'm going to need them for my competition game on Thursday and want them at least part painted, I've made a start on the Swiss handgunners. Yesterday I transferred them from painting sticks to bases. This evening I have done black basecoat for armoured areas and yellow ochre basecoat for clothing.

I'll be making a start on the detailing on the knights tomorrow evening - heraldic motifs, reins etc. I'll also finish off painting the trumpeter's clothing.

Well, here are the pics:


  1. I do like they way the cavalry are coming along!

  2. Coming on nicely, what rule system will you base them for?