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Saturday, 14 July 2012

WIP: Lorraine Knights #1

Well, it seems as though my post yesterday about the Battle Front and Slitherine announcements has prompted some interesting discussion. Ian has also posted on Blog With No Name as has Phyllion on Diary of an Infrequent Wargamer.

WIP: Lorraine Knights

I did get some work done on these last knights - basecoats:
Black for armour
White for the exposed horse flesh
Yellow Ochre for tunics/tabards, cloaks, shield facings and caparisons

Looking back, I should probably have done those in the reverse order. Another one to remember for next time. Here's a pic of their current state:

I'll make a start on the real painting this evening - dry-brush of metals, faces of any knights with visors open, base colour for the horse flesh, base colours for tunics/tabards, shield faces and caparisons. I terms of the heraldry, the dominant colours in the Lorraine coat of arms for the period seem to be yellow, red, blue and white so I will use these across this group. For designs I will add green and black to the set.

For the horses, although there will be some bays in the group, I will include more outliers (chestnuts, blacks, greys, "whites") than normal - can't have the nobility of Lorraine riding into battle on any old common nag can we?

If I'm lucky, I'll have got them fully painted by the end of the weekend, leaving me a couple of days to get the Swiss handgunners painted up in time to use in my first Medievals comp game on Thursday.


  1. Nice work - more than I've managed this week!

  2. Yup, it's beginning to make quite a noise there. FOrtunately for me, I dropped FOW a while ago because I sensed then this would come, especially when members are banned from the French forum because they advise people to go towards other better products...

    And for FOG, well, though I play it, I'm mostly gone to Art de la guerre...

    And your knights are coming along nicely Tamsin. I really should update my WIP about my medieval army ;)

  3. Medievals..it the way to go. What sources are you using for the colours..the Heraldic colour combinations?
    PS..IMHO, as soon as a model/fig company starts making rules that are only fitted to thier product or visa versa.or even mildly suggesting the idea...then they loose face..and badly.

  4. Nice to see the figures progress, I hope to be painting again next week. You certanly opened a few eyes with your previous post, how many comments? LOL


  5. Keep it coming Tamsin, your a paint machine!!

  6. Fantastic progress Tamsin.

  7. Cheers all

    @ Paul - I'm basing it off the colours on the Duc's coat of arms which would have been in place at the time on the assumption that knights in the various fiefs would broadly follow similar patterns in their heraldry.