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Sunday, 29 July 2012

WIP: 30YW Foot, The Green-Blue Regiment #1

I made a decent start on this 9-base regiment yesterday:
flags painted with Dark Blue
black basecoat for armour, musket barrels and rests
dry-brushed above with Oily Steel
pike shafts, flag poles and musket stocks painted Mahogany Brown
stockings painted Pastel Green
faces and bare hands painted with Flesh Base
Officers' breeches painted German Dark Green

Once I've got my chores out of the way, I'll crack on with them and might even get them to the Klear/ink stage being done. Having learnt from previous batches, the steps will be in this order:

hair and troopers' breeches (as they will be using the same colours)
shoes and boots, hats and gloves
ground colour on figure bases
cuffs and other "blue" detailing
collars, feathers and drum skins
belts etc
dry-brush apostles, wash matchcord
metal details

Here's a pic of how they are now:


  1. That's a nice shade of blue you have used, should stand out well. 9 bases though, thats a mega unit!!!

    Lookin forward to seeing the finished regiment


  2. A nice start, I still can't believe how much painting you get done!!

  3. @ Fran - my laundry (which is a good excuse to pop to the cafe for a fry-up while the clothes are washing)

    @ Ian - it's the same size as the Red-Green "Yuletiders" I did back in June - 32 figures all told

    @ Ray - the amount I get done is nothing compared to what you were churning out during Curt's challenge....