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Sunday, 1 April 2012

If you go down to the woods today.....

....you might find yourself getting duffed up by a bunch of Chumbondas

They got sprayed with matt varnish today, so I decided to take a couple of squad shots.

All that needs doing now is to glue them onto some washers for transport on magnetic sheet lined trays.

No actual painting done today, but I did prep 24 Alan light horse, which have also had a bath and are now drying out. I should get the horses stuck onto painting sticks before work tomorrow, then the riders will be glued in place when I get back after playing another ironclads game (ACW this time) at the club.


  1. Are they wookies? They look like wookies!

  2. Lovely work Tamin. They look great. I'll need to order a few myself.

  3. They look the business. They look 25mm not 15's. Who makes them please?

  4. Very nice Tamsin, but didn't they used to play for Spurs??

  5. @ all - glad you like them :)

    @ Lead Legion and David there's details of where to get them from in this post http://wargaminggirl.blogspot.com/2012/03/has-anyone-seen-my-painting-mojo.html

    @ David - according to the manufacturer they are 20mm (19 foot to eye, 22 foot to top of head)

    @ Ray - could have been any football team from the 70s/early 80s ;)

  6. Very nice work there Tamsin! Like your setup for the photoshoot too.

  7. Yup, they look very nice. I might paint some of my elite troups in white to show them who's the boss.
    Those are the wooks we're looking for :)

  8. Cool! I always like to see some alien sci fi models :)

  9. @Rodger - I did those tree bases on CDs pretty soon after I returned to gaming. That was how I discovered what a bu***r they are to cut!

    @Seb - funnily enough, I was planning on a white armour over black body suit for my GZG New Israelis ;)

    @Spacejacker - well, the plan is to get some more done over the Easter break, as breaks from painting the Sarmatians, Alans and Scythians. Probably Chewks and Space Demons from Khurusan (hmmm, if I'm painting the Chewks, I might have to get a not-Sand crawler for them - I'm thinking of an LVTP-7 or similar, with add-ons from various SF ranges)

  10. That's what I like about aliens, they come in all shapes and sizes so you can use 10mm scale stuff and 20mm scale stuff for 15mm SF.

  11. love reading your blog very enlighten love Alien stuff etc