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Saturday, 28 April 2012

On the Workbench, WIPs and AAR

I was feeling incredibly drowsy last night, so I didn't post. I did get a little bit of work done though:

Assembled and primed (using Vallejo black primer) the figures for my 4th Sarmatian command group.
Did first stage of prep on my 30YW foot (145 figures!) - trimming sprue, vents etc and filing the bases

Today I've got quite a bit more done:

30YW foot - cleaned up flash and mould lines; washed; currently spread out on paper towel to dry
Sarmatian command stand - dry-brushed armour and barding with Oil Steel 865
Sarmatian "Other Cavalry" - black undercoat on armour - might dry-brush with Oily Steel later on

AAR of Thursday's Game

I've forgotten a lot of the details, so here are pics with some comments:

The "Roman" left wing - Alan and Hunnic allies, mostly light horse with some armoured lancers

The "Roman" right wing - Foederated Alan lancers and some actual Romans (the heavy foot)

My Alans - light foot in front then L to R: light horse, bow cavalry, light horse, 3 BGs of armoured lancers, light horse, bow cavalry, light horse, with 2BGs of armoured lancers to the rear. My general are off to the rear having a conflab before joining the BGs they'll be commanding.

My first losses - the jammy git managed to kill one of my generals!

About 5 or 6 turns in, my army is pretty much everywhere fighting in small groups

View of the battle on my right wing - my Alan lancers are trying to break Dave's Alan lancers, hoping for a quick breakthrough so they can get away from Dave's Alan light horse. My light horse and cavalry here are trying to escape from his Hunnic light horse and stay alive until the end of the battle

Meanwhile on my left wing, my Alan lancers are suffering in the melee against his Foederated Alan lancers. The 3rd BG of my lancers is pondering which unit of heavy foot will be the best to charge.

Not looking too good for the left hand lancers (they're the ones who lost the general)

"Prepare to Charge!" (This unit managed to get shot down to fragmented this turn, then in the next turn got broken by shooting without losing a single base! Grrrrr!)

My losses (minus a couple of broken units that were still on-table)

Dave's losses

With the benefit of hindsight.......

I would have been better off deploying my lancers in a single big block over to one side of the table, with the light horse on one flank, the bow cavalry on the other (or split one on each flank of the lancers). This would have allowed me to concentrate my "strike force" against one of Dave's wings, with my skirmishers acting to delay the other wing.


  1. hindsight is a beutiful thing. you failed to realise that you would be playing romans and allowing them to use their favourite tactics; Divide And Conquer

  2. As Gowan says, hindsight is a beautiful thing but there will always be another battle and you can put the lessons learnt to use in that one.

  3. The best part of gaming is hindsight, it's when you learn the most and recognise your mistakes. It should then make you a better player.

  4. My word that's an awful lot of prep work in a day! Looking forward to seeing them in action.