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Saturday, 31 March 2012

WIP: Chumbondas #4; WIP: Riders for the TEDF Horses

TEDF? What the heck is that? Tamsin's Equine Development Facility of course!


This afternoon I did the ground work on the bases - base coat (Khaki Grey 880), wash (chestnut wash with a little bit of the black wash added) and dry-brush (Khaki Grey 880 and Iraqi Sand 819 in equal parts). I started taking pics when I spotted that the battery was almost out - I want to get some close up shots before I do the Klear/ink step, then they'll get a matt spray in the morning.

Riders for the TEDF Horses

I took a couple of pics showing their current primed state. I'll make a start on painting them tomorrow - boots and trousers first, then glue them onto their horses before painting the rest of the detail. I'll also be putting in the lances at this stage.

The 4 riders which broke at hip or knee

Other Projects

Well, in between various bits of painting I'll also need to start work on prepping my "Alan" light horse and Scythians. I might also prep some of my SF figures so that I've got something to switch to if my painting mojo flags again from doing lots of ancients. I haven't decided which ones yet - my Chewks from Khurusan could be a fun side-project, but there aren't many of them so I'll probably need to do something else as well - my GZG New Israelis perhaps?


  1. cool those guys are nearly impossible to see in a wooded environment

  2. What the hell are them Chewbacca looking things anyway??

  3. @Gowan - thanks! They've turned out the way they were intended to then :)

    @Ray - they are not-Wookies, errmm, Chumbondas, yes, that's it - Chumbondas from Wargames Supply Dump. I believe they are the result of an experiment in which Chewbacca was crossed with ZZ Top. Then again, it may not have been an experiment, just rock 'n roll ;)

  4. Tamsin, I think your Chumbondas are the result of a counterfactual history if Jim Henson had gone down the exploitation flick path instead of joining Sesame Street!

  5. Well whatever the Chumbondas are supposed to be they look pretty cool.

    I particularly like the fig that is kneeling and holding what I assume is a miniature rocket launcher!

    Re the broken figs you should contact the manufacturer and ask for replacements. If they were bad castings then they should be replaced


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