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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Not much to report

Why not much to report? Well, when I woke up this morning my left shoulder and neck were stiff as fu... errr ... stiff as a very stiff thing and were pretty sore. I guess I must have been sleeping in an awkward position. Not wanting to aggravate my shoulder and neck, I decided that figure painting was probably not a good idea.

However, the day was not lost and I did get some useful (if unexciting) work done - base-coating a whole bunch of bases for the figures to go on when I've finished painting them. 

I also took a trip to Staples to buy a couple of Really Useful Boxes (0.55 and 0.9 litre sizes) to use for a travel painting kit for when I'm off at a couple of union conferences later in the year.

My shoulder and neck are feeling better now, so I should be able to do some real painting tomorrow.


  1. sorry to hear that. my plans for today are finish the last 3 terrorists and then begin some new work. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Take care Tamsin. Hope you are back into it soon.

  3. Glad your feeling a little better, my back and neck's always giving me gyp!! Its a right pain in the neck literally!!!!!!


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