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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Updates and plans

I realised after shutting down my computer last night that I hadn't posted, so here you go.

Prize Draw Update

The prizes have been posted with recorded delivery, so the lucky winners should receive them shortly.

Last Night's Work

I'd noticed that the basing gunk I applied to the units on Friday was lighter than expected so I decided to darken them using a mix of PVA, my basing ink max and a little water. That seems to have done the trick.

I also spent a little while cutting up some thick non-adhesive magnetic sheet I had lying around to make some movement trays. I'm pretty sure I've made up enough of them for the army I'll be using at Campaign.

On top of that, I sorted through the Swiss figures that Chris is letting me borrow for the club FoG Medieval tournament, to see what was available. I've now worked out the army list I'll be using, but might want to do some fine tuning on BG sizes, and will need to work out the order of march

Painting etc Plans

I've decided that my plan of work will be:

  • Finish the basing on the Sarmatians and Alans I already have painted (dry-brush, flock, clumps/rocks, matt spray, tufts)
  • Paint the 24 Sarmatian "Other Cavalry" riders that are on horses from the TEDF
  • Paint up the extra Sarmatian command group figures from the Donnington order I collected at Salute - did the metal prep last night
  • Prep my 30YW figures and bag them in Regiments (I'll probably prime them in batches, but try to make it so that I have three regiments on the go at different stages of painting - base colours, washes, basing)
  • Prep one or two of my 15mm SF forces to do work on when I feel my mojo going
  • Make up some terrain bits for FoG:AM and FoG:R

Game Tonight

I've got another FoG:AM 800pt practice game tonight at CLWC against Dave's "Morally Bankrupt Foederate Romans".
I'm going to try a different army list tonight, with more light horse, more shooty cavalry and less lancers. I've got my camera so will try to take some pics.


  1. I only wish tha I could be that organised ... [sigh] still it's could to have something to aim for!

    Good luck with tonight's game and I look forward to the pictorial evidence of your crushing victory over the forces of moral bankruptcy!!

  2. Looking forward to the photos and hearing all about your great victory.

  3. You're well organised and motivated, good luck against the romans!

  4. Sounds like your gonna be mighty busy!

  5. I make lots of plans but never seem to stick them! No focus that's my problem. Look forward to hearing you won't having such problems!

  6. That is some organisation skills, my painting normally just involves what I feel like.