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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Of Honorary Rejects and Celebrity Moggies

This morning saw me heading to st Pancras to catch a train down Gravesend where I'd be joining Postie's Rejects for a large game of Fire and Fury. At the station I bumped into Seb, so we traveled down together and I got to see some of the loot he'd picked up at Salute yesterday - mainly some lovely minis from Gripping Beast for Saga.

When Ray arrived to pick us up from the station, he got a ticking off from a PCSO - he'd done a U-turn to pull up in front of us and the PCSO was obviously relishing what was probably his only opportunity of the day to throw his weight around saying Ray had done the U-turn on a blind bend (it wasn't blind, maybe the PCSO was?) and over a pedestrian crossing (Ray didn't get anywhere near of the crossing). After that little adventure, we were safely delivered to Postie's house where Fran was doing the food prep for the pasta lunch we'd be having later on. Curt and Big Lee were already there, as was Postie's young neighbour Jack (who the Rejects have been rescuing from games by the Evil Empire of Nottingham, errmm, getting interested in historical wargaming).

After drawing lots to see who got which commands, we made our way to Postie's Den where the table was already set up, and the commands put out ready for us to deploy. This was how the commands were drawn:

Battle of Salutesville/Excel Creek 1862 

Ray - right wing
Curt - centre, CinC
Seb - left wing, across the river

Jack - right wing cavalry under JEB Stuart
Me - right-centre, CinC (Longstreet)*
Big Lee - left-centre
Fran - left wing

* my having never played Fire and Fury and given their knowledge of my track record in Ancients gaming, this caused some considerable worries for Fran and Lee!

Postie outlined the scenario, special rules and victory conditions then Curt and I diced for initiative - he won, and decided to take first moves.

I'm not going to do a full AAR today (maybe later in the week), but to cut a long story short after much to-ing and fro-ing, when we called it a day with 4 full turns played victory went to the Confederates 19 points to 13.

I took a lot of pics (as did pretty much everybody) - I've uploaded them to my Flickr account. I hope they're all in the correct order in the set.

It was a great day and a hard fought battle with some amazingly good and equally amazingly atrocious die rolls all round. Not to forget the very lovely lunch cooked by Fran and the most excellent company.

Honorary Rejects

Seb, Curt and I were all made "Honorary Members of Postie's Rejects" and presented with a miniature each, painted by Postie.

Seb grimaces at the thought of what that pike could do if he accidentally sits on it....

....but puts on a brave face for this photo!

Curt grins - his mini doesn't have a nasty pike to accidentally sit on!

Pics from various angles of my mini: 

A huge thank you to Postie and the Rejects for inviting us all down for a great day of gaming

Celebrity Moggies

"Celebrity Moggies? What on earth are you talking about?"

To cut a long story short (or maybe not) when I got back to North London I was waiting for a bus when a girl in the queue starting laughing very loudly. I turned around and saw that a guy just along from me had a cat sitting across his shoulders. He explained that the cat is a celebrity - the eponymous Bob of this book:


The book is currently at number one in the UK best sellers list!


  1. I love Fire and Fury - I'd jump at the chance to play in a big game like that, but no-one round here is really into it :(

  2. Loved this story. It felt like I was traveling accross London for a game. Whats a PCSO though?

  3. interesting story all topped off with meeting a celebraty cat??? what a wierd day. hope you enjoued it

  4. Glad you enjoyed the game Tamsin, it was a good'un wasn't it?

  5. Glad you had a good time and a good lunch!

  6. Good times and laughs with friends, that's what its all about :-)

  7. Congratulation Tamsin; an honorary reject, few have received such an honour! Looks like a great day out was had by all.

  8. Sounds like a good game, and it was nice to meet you on the day. I'm jealous that you're an honoury reject.

  9. @KK - I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to pick up the basics, although it was certainly made easier by having Postie as the Evil Umpire calculating the results of die rolls for us

    @David Cooke - PCSO = Police Community Support Officer (not a real copper, but wearing a similar uniform)

    @Lee - it was a good'un :)

    @GJD - meeting the celebrity cat was definitely weird!

    @Paul - totally agree

    @Michael - we did all have a good day gaming, great fun all round

    @Mecha Ace - good to meet you too. No need to be jealous - I'm sure they'll invite you down at some point :)

  10. Hey, what's wrong with me. My goodness the face on the pics Lol.

    And how come you have a flag and I don't!

    Yeah, that was a great Sunday

  11. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, you certainly got into the swing of it and got as carried away as the rest of us did. What a prat that PCSO was, just shows why they've got such a bad name, and to think the Government wants more of the jumped up dicks walking the streets!!!

    1. Sorry to hear you got caught by a hobby bobby. Hopefully got away without too much of a hard time of it.

  12. Congrats on becoming an honorary reject. Great way to spend a day.

  13. @Seb - I think worries about injuring yourself with that pike might explain your facial expressions! I'm guessing it was simple luck of the draw that I got the flag and you didn't - I expect my face would have been like yours if I'd got the pike!

    Definitely a great day out :)

    @Ray - yup, we all got carried away, but it's easy to do when you're with such a good-natured group of loons :)

    @Rodger - definitely a great way of spending the day

  14. PSCO = STASI..but at least they have the decency to wear a uniform so you can tell who they are.
    The celebrity cat Bob and Jmaes..absolutely brilliant story. It was on Radio 4 the other day..looked it up and ordered the book staright away. Good one..picture google "bob the cat"..there´s thousands of pics!!

    1. DoH!! I spellt James wrongly!! :-P

    2. You also spelt 'spelt' wrongly! D'oh!

      Tas - congrats on making the Postie list. We'll have to give F&F a go up here.

  15. Awwww .. Bob the cat! - Highlight of the day!

  16. Sounds like a great day - to to off the weekend - and a win too boot... does that mean taking up ACW on the horizon?

  17. A commemorative miniature, what a great idea.

  18. you had the pasta!! Fran is a amazing cook glad you all had fun

  19. Great AAR and it was very nice meeting you!
    - Curt

  20. @Herkybird - a somewhat unusual highlight

    @DaveD - when I do take up ACW (always been a favourite era), it will be 6mm - I have a Baccus starter set and a few Union regiments got painted up last year, but I still haven't got round to painting the rest.

    @Lead Legion - it was indeed a great idea

    @Adam - it was good fun

    @Vinnie - Fran's lunch was delish!

    @Curt - it was great meeting you too :)