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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A few updates

WIP: Chumbondas

Just did a little bit on these - Hull Red detailing on the weapons. Tomorrow I might do a little more - some black/brown wash into the eye sockets and a final very light dry-brush to highlight/weather the belts, weapons etc.

WIP: Sarmatian Command Group Figures

I've decided for these that I will try a different approach from my normal painting style - the riders will get a more detailed effort - base, wash, highlights for the cloth areas; the armour will be done as black base, Gunmetal Grey drybrush, Oily Steel highlight.

To this end, I've just done the black base coat for the armour.

WIP: Riders for the Horses

Counting the 2 lancers that broke at the hip during the prep phase, I've got 44 lancer figures and 16 armoured  bowmen almost ready to go. At the moment they are soaking in a tub of water/washing up liquid. I'll be rinsing them shortly, then letting them dry out overnight.

I've decided to abandon the crazy thoughts I'd had of rigging up some kind of holder for painting them - they'll be spread out on some card, spray primed on one side, flipped, spray primed on the other side. I'll then paint the bodies below the neck before gluing them to their horses and finishing the painting.

After these, 60 more lancers to prep, prime and paint, and then my Sarmatians are complete (although I might want to do a couple more command groups).

Remember those mis-delivered books?

I never did do an update about that. Basically, City Link were incredibly unhelpful and told me to contact Amazon, and that if Amazon wanted to try to reclaim the costs of the books they were welcome to try.

Amazon on the other hand were incredibly helpful, said they would send replacements and would mark them to be be delivered by Royal Mail. Unfortunately, the books were all out of stock (I'd ordered the last ones that were in stock) so I've had to wait.

3 of the 4 books arrived today (by Royal Mail), with the last one due within the next week. Hurrah!

Pics (lack of)

3 days, 3 posts, zero pics - I promise I will post some tomorrow, but there's not much worth showing you right now.

OK, Who was it?

That planted the seed in my mind that has been germinating for a few weeks?

You know who you are, so 'fess up!

As if I haven't got enough in my lead pile, book pile and such like, I've got an urge for Pike and Shotte gaming, probably FoG:R as that's what is played by most people at CLWC.

I thought the urge was under control and could be resisted, but after work I popped into Waterstones to see what might make a good prize for my 100 Followers draw (which may get rolled into my mumblety-mumbleth birthday draw as that is only 2 weeks away) and somehow ended up leaving there with 3 Osprey books:
Elite 179 Pike and Shot Tactics 1590-1660
MAA 457 Imperial Armies of the Thirty Years' War (1) Infantry and Artillery
MAA 462 Imperial Armies of the Thirty Years' War (2) Cavalry

Guys and gals - I'm counting on you to save me from myself! Please post comments to reinforce my urge-control and stop me doing this!!


  1. Sorry Tamsin, can't help you. I've already been bitten by this fogr bug. Btw, I might have some tyw minis in surplus...

  2. Sorry, Tamsin; I thought it was mandatory to be unable to resist project-urges in this hobby! You're not a real wargmaer unless you have a substantial lead and/or plastic pile and an accompanying pile of reference books.

  3. To quote a certain cybermetic lifeform that occasionally visits our quadrant:

    Resistance is Futile

  4. Bet you've already written a list out of what figures you want!!

  5. At least with 30 Years War you can also do ECW if you swap out the flags - so two periods for the price of one, a bargain!

  6. You know you're done for and should just get the catalogues out!

  7. It's too late now!!! You need to face up to the fact that there is no hope now. I also think you are wasting your time asking for us to save you when we are at least as bad and maybe worse!! Just enjoy it.

  8. Curse you all!! Fat lot of help you are!! ;)

    I should have known better than to ask you lot to help me resist the urge :)

    @Ray - not yet, haven't got the rules of the army lists, so no idea of what figures I'd need. I'm guessing pikemen, musketeers/arquebusiers, cuirassiers, dragoons, artillery......

    1. Tamsin, if you drop by tonight at CLWC, I could show you the rules and the army lists books if you want. I'll play BLitzrieg commander


    2. Seb - I might pop in tonight just to show my face (and grab a curry), but I'm in no rush to succumb to temptation

      oh, curse the lot of you ... my resistance is broken. I guess I'll have to make a list of goodies for purchase at Salute (or pre-order and collect there)

    3. BTW, for your birthday, I might have something for you... if you're interested of course

  9. I am sure the posts on the ECW on my blog had no influence at all, but if they did LOL nay double LOL.

    I just received FoGR army list from the states (Wars of Religion), the rules seem to be very much standard FoG so you should get on with them, still reading them so yet to use them.

    You can get the rules from Amazon really cheap, look at the army lists on Amazon and plenty are very low priced, so grab some bargins.

    As for figures I like Matchlock but hate their site as it does not have pics.

    errr, has this helped put you off?


    1. Ian - I think it was lurking anyway, but your ECW posts may have fed the beastie. I've actually had the rules in my Amazon basket for a few weeks. just need to sort out which army list book(s) I need

  10. FoG: R would seem a lesser evil than getting sucked into something like Napoleonics!

    Good luck with the new project!

    And that's great news about the Amazon books - a pox on City Link!


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