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Sunday, 4 March 2012

WIP: Tamsin's Equine Development Facility #3

The horses got their washes today. That leaves the following to be done:

  • eyes
  • barding on the barded horses
  • horse tack
  • metalwork 
  • saddle cloths/blankets
  • decorations (tassels, plumes)
  • earth colour on bases
Here are a couple of pics. You might not be able to see much change from yesterday, but the differences are more obvious in real life.

The dark greys have worked much better this time than the last ones I did. However, I think I've got the overall mix of colours a bit wrong - far too many whites and light bays/duns/chestnuts. Too late to change it now though.


  1. You are going to paint eyes on 15mm horses? Wow, I'm impressed.
    I'm afraid my 15mm nags are all blinkered

  2. Yup. Well, just a blob of burnt umber or chocolate brown to represent the iris/pupil. It's probably more important on the lighter horses than the dark ones, but I do them all anyway.

    162 eyes to blob *eek*

  3. Kingsley took the words right outa my mouth! Eyes on 15mm horses, you must be crackers!!!!!

  4. Agree with the others above. I have trouble seeing 15mm horses, let alone their eyes!!

  5. Just pretend they are riding somewhere with a lot of dust so the nags will have thier eyes closed..:-p
    I agree, even at 15mm the eyes need doing...especially on the greys.

  6. Great equine production line....

  7. Great system for mass production!

  8. I find it interesting that you're applying a wash before doing metal barding parts.

    Personally, in 6-15mm I've preferred blocking all colours off then doing a single muted ink to line and wash, then adding highlights to be most time-saving. I'd be fascinated to hear your method for choosing when to wash and which colours to wash with, particularly as you seem so prolific in output and still produce really nice looking chaps.

  9. Northy - the washes at this stage are only over the horse-flesh to provide the shading. The barding isn't washed at this point, but gets block coloured then gets the same final wash(es) that the whole miniature receives.


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