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Saturday, 24 March 2012

WIP: Chumbondas #2

Having finished the horses (woopee!!!) I took a little time this afternoon to show the Chumbondas some love. First up, they each got a heavy dry-brush with 1 of 6 colours, jumping forward 1 place on each strip:

I'd forgotten that one of the colours I picked for this step (Vallejo MC 978 "Dark Yellow") has a greenish tinge when it dries. OK, a bit more than a tinge. The last time I'd seen that effect was on one of our golden retrievers following a soak in a canal following having rolled in fresh cow poo (she slept outside that night!!).

I don't think it will look too bad when the figures are completed though - the wash stages and second drybrush should tone it down.

I then applied initial washes, again 1 of 6 colours, but this time jumping back one figure on each strip. With the 6 different basecoats, this has given me 36 different combinations of colours (ie, no 2 figures the same).

If you look closely, you'll see that these guys have very bushy beards. The illegitimate offspring of Chewie and a member of ZZ Top?

For the next stage they will all get a light drybrush of Iraqi Sand 819, but I want to let the washes dry completely first.

I've also decided on the colour scheme for weapons and equipment:

Hunting Horn - German Camo Medium Brown 826
Straps - Middle Stone 882
Bags/Pouches - USA Olive Drab 889
Weapon Body - Dark Grey 994
Weapon Detailing - Hull Red 985
Weapon Barrels - Gunmetal Blue 800
Pauldrons - Hull Red 985


  1. Rrrrrrhhhhhooooooo. Looking good. Now calm down Chewie, there are no female there. Too much beard you see.

    1. *cough* Chewie may be onto something - that mad scientist included some Dwarven genes in the mix, so some of those Chumbondas *could* be female ;)

  2. That's a fantastic way of mixing colours up, consider it pinched :-)

    1. Tim - just make sure that you use different sets of colours for the basecoats and the drybrushes.

  3. Nice to see someone else using the technique of jumping back and forth along strips to determine colour allocation. I've done this for years to mix up such things as horse and hair colour, as well as tops and trousers for irregular type troops.

    Those not-Wookies look good.

    1. Cheers Kaptain! I've been doing the same sort of thing with my irregular light/medium foot troops, and it does a great job of mixing up the colours.

  4. Maybe the green-ish ones have a touch of Oscar-the-Grouch as well?

    Nice randomiser system, too.


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