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Saturday, 17 March 2012



We're sorry...

This gadget is configured incorrectly. Webmaster hint: Please ensure that "Friend Connect Settings - Home URL" matches the URL of this site"

I just noticed this. You were there five minutes ago, but when i refreshed you had all been stolen/killed by Blogger.

Any ideas how to rescue/resurrect you?

Edit: Ahhh, so Google/Blogger have been changing things around to do country redirects and in doing so have  changed me to a ".co.uk" addy from a ".com", but failed to take account of the fact that followers etc will be linked to the ".com" addy.

Apparently they are working on a fix.........

Edit #2: it seems that adding "/ncr" after the ".com" takes you back to the old format and resurrects your followers!!! It also resurrects the "edit" button for posts, which also disappeared on the ".co.uk" version


  1. Not sure what is going on but your post came up on my blog roll ok. I do hope things get sorted soon.

  2. LOL i'm like the person above.. I just googled the problem and your blog came up.. Thanks for the update.. I also saw they changed mine to ".ca" (canada) instead of the ".com"
    They better fix it soon.. I am impatient and it's bothering me to not see my followers LOL

  3. My followers disappeared a while ago, but that was an Internet Explorer issue and they all reappeared with Chrome.

    The Country redirect is just pants. Looking at Tamsin's blog, the URL (from my point of view) is "http://wargaminggirl.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03". This appears to be because I'm accessing Blogger through a local Google address. When I link to blogs in a post, I now edit the URL to ".com" as this seems to be a universal default.

    I can only guess that this messing around is it make point of origin easier to identify and make it easier to link in local adverts.

  4. Hi Wargaming Girl- I have been trawling the net for hours after waking up and seeing this-yours is the first sensible answer I've come across. I'm wondering whether it will stop existing viewers (not followers, just people who drop in now and again) not being able to find the blog though?

  5. @ spilledpolish and Charlie - glad to have been of help. I found the workaround eventually using my Google Fu, but it was quite well buried.

    @Kobold - I was using Chrome, so it wasn't a browser problem.

    @Rodger - yup, it seems that followers were able to see my posts in their blogroll. I was able to see Col Shofer having the same problem and provided him the workaround.

    @Ray - ?! ;)

  6. Seems to have been a temporal problem. I saw the same message when I looked on my blog this morning, but in the meantime, all has been properly restored.

    1. I just checked the ".co.uk" version and followers is working OK, but the edit button is missing from posts.


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