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Friday, 30 March 2012

Seb's to blame!

For me not posting yesterday. Well, partly anyway - I've got to share some of it for having posted about my temptation to give in to the dark side and go for FoG:R, which gave Seb the opportunity to tempt me into going to CLWC to look through the rules and the army lists, and me to succumb to temptation.

So, last night I went to CLWC, had a delicious curry, a couple of drinks and a few enjoyable hours chatting and watching others play games. I don't feel too bad about it though as I had spray-primed the 60 riders before heading off to work.

Unfortunately, on the way home I started feeling a bit off-colour and when I woke up this morning was aching all over, shivering and had blocked sinuses. As a result I've not done much today, just a bit of drybrushing - the gunmetal grey on the command group riders and the final weathering/highlighting on the Chumbondas. Hopefully I'll be in a better state tomorrow and able to make good use of the weekend for painting etc.

Did I mention?

Succumbing to the temptation of FoG:R? When I got back from the club last night I ordered the rules and 3 army list books (Trade and Treachery; Wars of Religion; Duty and Glory) plus a couple of the Osprey Essential Histories (Thirty Years War; English Civil War) books. Luckily for me, they aren't due to ship until 13-18 April so it is quite likely that I will have completed my Sarmatians and Scythian allies before I make any decisions on which FoG:R army to go for.

I should be able to get plenty of painting done over the Easter break - a whole 7 days off work! (I work for a university - they give us longish breaks a couple of times a year as compensation for having to work with mad professors. Or maybe just to save money as they can switch off the boilers, saving fuel, for a few days?). I'll probably get my Alan and Scythian light horse prepped and primed ready for painting over the next couple of days to ensure there is plenty ready to go under the brush during my Easter marathon.


  1. You didn't hold out very long at all did you!

    So have you decided which army you are going to get?

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon. Good luck for your painting marathon.

  3. Well, it will be much easier than the Koryo Korean plan - there are figures available for starters, and uniform/dress references for painting them up!

    No decisions on army until I've got the rules and army lists - I want something that would be competitive (although with my generalship and the hatred the Gods of Dice show me, I'm not sure any army would actually be competitive!), preferably with not too much cavalry although that isn't a deal-breaker.

    At the moment I'm considering Swiss, Early 30YW German Protestant, Swedish, Danish, ECW Parliamentarian, NMA, Restoration British, and many others.

  4. Well we all go off from one era to another. I started this greeks and perians now I am in the year 2020 in a civil war that is engulfing a poor country in south america

  5. How often have I heard a Brit say "We had a great night out then a beer and a nice curry. Oh I feel very sick now though" I'm wondering if it could be a chemical reaction? :o) RoG:R is very tempting I look forward to seeing pics of your army.

    1. David - lol! Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. However, this wasn't an "I feel sick" thing and I doubt that the curry or 2 pints of lager shandy gave me the heavy cold I've got now ;)

  6. Neat blog following!!!! I'm trying to get into 40k but holy crap is it expensive lol!

  7. ECW is less likely to give you a good army against none ECW as you have so few options (though swoping out a few bases and you have other nations/options). I was looking at my ECW post receiving the FoGR lists. I have too many infantry per regiment, and not enough horse. This means a lot of surplus foot to make up command muskets etc. But the standard of figure and painting is so poor I will almost be starting from scratch.

    Have fun with it and hope you feel better soon


  8. Yep, you're right to blame me. Because of my selfish interest in gaming, you now have a cold...

    Well, have a good rest, and read the lists carefully ;)

    1. I was only blaming you (and myself) for not having posted on Thursday, not for me getting a cold ;)

  9. If you find yourself really struggling against other FoG:R armies, you could always consider putting a division of Panzer IVs onto the table.

    I know it'd surprise me if I saw that deployed opposite against my early EYW Dutch! ;)

  10. Dam!! I wish I hadn´t read your post...a curry!!! You can´t get a decent curry round here for love nor money..boohoo!!


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