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Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Wednesday Workbench 28 September 2022


In case you're wondering about the lack of a "finished" post, have no fear - the panzerknacker teams are done and I will be posting photos of them tomorrow.

So, what's next in the painting queue?

Medics (as a Jump Off Point and as a support option)

Three extra figures to complete the tripod MG crews

I'll be starting work on them tomorrow.

3D Printing

"Bitz" printing continues:

I've printed some more arcade game machines plus a bunch of SciFi doors and windows. I also found some mutant heads and printed them at 100%, 110% and 120% to see how they look.

I also printed some jet bikes this morning. I've had to scrap these as they took too much damage from removing the supports. They were also a bit undersized - I'll be reprinting them at 150% which should be about right for 28mm.:

I've got a couple more days of bitz printing before I start printing other stuff.


  1. Some interesting looking stuff on the horizon Tamsin

    1. The "bitz" aren't going to be used in the near future; I'm just building up a stockpile for when I do have a use for them! :)