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Sunday, 25 September 2022

Paint Table Sunday 25 September 2022


After easing up on Thursday, my cold returned with a vengeance on Friday so I ended up not being able to crack on with the next batch of Waffen SS until today. I've actually got them much further along than I'd expected to:

I just have the camo dots, metals, eagles and the base left to do. However, I don't expect to finish them tomorrow as I need to head into central London for some bits and pieces; I'll also be out gaming in the evening. They should be done by Tuesday evening though.

3D Printing

I'm still busily printing off "bits" and small scenery pieces:

You might have spotted some box girder bridge trusses - those are actually for my jungle terrain. I want to do an engineer-made bridge to add to my collection (they were used in the 1943-44 campaigns).


  1. These colds seem to take ages to clear at the moment, so hope you fully get over it soon Tamsin, the Germans are looking great, as is the printing.

    1. Cheers! I seem to be mostly over it now. :)

  2. Any progress is good progress! I always think 'A colour a day gets the backlog away!'