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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Challenge Day 82 - NSL Reinforcements WIP

You will have noticed that I didn't post anything last night. That wasn't because I didn't have anything to post, but because I was too busy cracking on with all the NSL stuff. I've finished painting them this evening; just the varnishing to be done. And the basing of course, but that won't be done tonight.

The hover tanks and APCs will be getting a coat of Klear after this post, then I'll take them into work tomorrow to hit them with matt spray. The rest will get a coat of brush on matt varnish tonight.

Hover APCs

Hover tanks

Hover drones

Hover MAWPs

Power Armour support weapons

Once the varnishing tonight is done, I'll probably do a,little bit of work on the ESU spaceships, highlighting the black stripes with a dark grey. So, tomorrow night will see me adding the basing texture mix to all of these and starting to do the detailing on the ESU fleet..


  1. That's dedication... Taking them to work to varnish them..mind I work from home so I use it too!

  2. Wow, the hover vehicles have come out great , as have the troopers, with all the bases done they're really going to 'pop'. Even though this is not my field of 'ex[pertise' I can appreciate these ... a lot.m not

  3. This NSL force is going to be something to behold when its done...and a terror to face across the table!

  4. Great work Tamsin. Really like those Hover tanks!

  5. fantastic airbrushing - the colours go well together.

  6. @ Dave - the worst part was lugging all that metal in to do a spray job that took 2 minutes! :)

    @ Joe - thanks! Teh basing will be done like the rest of the NSL so should pop :)

    @ Paul - yup, should be :)

    @ Rodger - cheers! The hovers do look good :)

    @ Dan - thanks! I seem to have an eye for what colours will work well together :)


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