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Monday, 9 February 2015

Challenge Day 67 - Some Goodies and Some Progress

I had some goodies waiting for me when I got home!


The Jiffy envelope was from Pendraken and contained this lot:

Unfortunately, it seems that the envelope must have come open in transit and two of the paints I'd ordered had fallen out before Royal Mail re-sealed it with Sellotape. Grr!

The box was from SnM Stuff (not to be confused with S&M Stuff).

A selection of Model Air paints:

And a selection of coloured surface primers:

I've hit the brushes a bit this evening. Firstly, the Mongol cavalry have been primed:

I've also done some work on the 6mm Union cavalry.

Only the horses though for tonight. Having randomly assigned a few as blacks and chestnuts, I painted black the mains, tails, lower legs and muzzles of the rest which will be bays. Once that was done, I applied ink washes. I'll leave it there for tonight.

Tomorrow I'll carry on with the mounted cavalry. I should get most of the way through them if I don't spend too much time on the horse harness.

And before I forget, my Wars of the Roses archers are up on the Challenge blog!


  1. Nice WIP; and those WotR archers are beautiful. Well done!

  2. Gutted for you with the paint loss. Pendraken normally package the paints I receive from them in grip-seal bags, I can't understand why they didn't for you (as they wouldn't of fallen out if so, surely?).

    I'm looking forward to seeing your Mongols painted up, as I've some to paint soon for Lion Rampant.

    Never heard of SnM Stuff, so I'll give them a look - I can't say the same for S&M, Lol :)

  3. Nice looking ACW force you're building in 6mm

  4. Hardly surprising you need more paints at your current painting rate, but a bummer losing two to the postman.
    Your bowmen look absolutely superb too, very much the image I have of English archers.

  5. 2 paints MIA. Cowards I say! Didn't even make it to the front line.

  6. @ Dean - thanks :)

    @ Roy - the rest of the paints were in grip-seal bags inside, so I'm guessing that the missing two were similarly packed and slipped out together when the envelope opened. It is a pain, but Leon is sending me replacements out.
    The Mongols may or may not get painted up during the Challenge; more likely afterwards.
    As for not giving S&M Stuff, you do realise that your comment could be taken as meaning that you have heard of them and don't need to take a look *evil grin*

    @ Miles - it will indeed be quite nice when it's done :)

    @ Zabadak - glad you like the archers. Apart from one re-stock, they are all new paints

    @ Brendon - indeed. If the MPs catch them, they will be lined up and shot for desertion! ;)


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