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Friday, 6 February 2015

Challenge Day 64 - WotR Archers Almost Done

That's right - they are so close to being finished that I'm itching to finish them. But I can't as the pumice gel I've added to the bases needs to dry. Drat! I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Here are a couple of pics:

As you can see, the pumice gel does shrink a bit as it dries. That isn't a huge problem as I'll be adding some ballast and small rocks tomorrow.

Given that the various stages involved tomorrow will require some drying time in between, I guess I'll be looking at getting a few bits done to prepare for other submissions to fill that dead time.

I've got the Hasslefree figures to base for painting, some of which require a bit of assembly. I've also been prepping some 30YW figures during my lunch breaks at work this week; they need to go onto painting sticks and the pikemen need pikes glued into place.

I may even assemble some more WotR figures to paint up towards the end of the Challenge.

Oh, I almost forgot. I had another delivery today. Nothing exciting; just some Noch static grass puffer bottles.


  1. Great work on the archers Tamsin!

  2. This Perry Plastics WotR army will look stunning if the rest looks like these archers Ms P. I can hear you gnashing your teeth in impatience all they way across the pond.

  3. Very nice Archers - and what is a Noch static grass puffer bottle?

  4. Wow that is stunning, I can't wait to see more of your Perrys. They're going to be a massive point drop, over 300!

  5. With this prodigious output, you're going to need a bigger flat.

  6. @ Rodger - cheers! :)

    @ Robert - thanks! If you can hear my teeth gnashing over there, my dentist will probably be most unhappy with me when I next go for a check-up!

    @ Dannoc - cheers! It's a soft-plastic bottle, from a company called Noch, which you fill up with static grass then puff it out onto your bases - it helps to ensure the grass has a static charge and stays upright in you dabs of PVA.

    @ Baconfat - it may be a a few weeks before I do any more WotR, I'm afraid. Hope you can wait that long :)

    @ Michael P - well, if I'm the Prodigy's output, that new flat had better be fireproof *grin*


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