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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Challenge Day 62 - NSL Panzer Grenadiers

To give you a break from WIP pics and chatter, tonight I'm not going to post any update on the WotR archers.

Instead, you'll just have to put up with pics of the NSL Panzer Grenadiers I was posting WIP pics of last week.

These netted me 284 points. An impressive haul, but not enough to win me the race to 1500 points with Alan.

The Whole Lot

The Infantry Squads, all 18 of them

The Company Commanders

I even painted the screens of the tablet computers
The Recon Section 

...and the instrument panels of the fan bikes

Heavy Weapon Teams 

Automatic Grenade Launchers:


RAM Mortars:


These are mounted on 30mm hexes to distinguish them from squad attached support weapons.

Forward Observers:

Heavy Anti Materiel Rifles (HAMR):

Anti-Armour/Anti-Aircraft Missile Launchers:

Plasma Guns:

Laser Rifles:

Squad Attachments

These are mounted on 20mm hexes to help distinguish them from specialists. In Gruntz, each squad can have up to two support weapons attached. I've decided that all my NSL squads will have at least one Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) attached, so have included one on each base. If their second attachment is also a SAW, then I can use the base as it is. However, if they have something else as their second attachment, I'll need a marker to easily identify it on the tabletop.

Anti-Armour/Anti-Aircraft Missile Launchers:

Plasma Guns:

Laser Rifles:


All in all, not bad for a week's work.

I'm very pleased with the colour scheme for these - simple but effective.


  1. very impressed I am. A great force and armour to come - looking forward to it.

  2. Wow this is a force to be reckoned with. I'm impressed with the details like the glowing screens.


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