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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Challenge Day 66 - Just Prepping Along

It was very nice to have a long lie-in this morning, now that the pressure is off. Bliss!

Most of today has been spent prepping figures for the rest of the Challenge. I made a start last night with this batch, then primed them with gesso this morning:

Yes, some 30 Years War foot. It's been a long while since I've painted anything for that army.

I also assembled the Hasslefree figures. One of these will be my Curtgeld, another will be Alan's prize for the 1500 point race, some will be for my 3rd blogday prize draw and the rest will be for myself. This evening I primed them black.

The casualty figure is actually a Dixon figure from their gangster range - my plan is to use it as part of the Curtgeld. Although I have said that I'm not going to take part in the bonus theme rounds, I am tempted to submit the whole lot of these for the "antihero" round as they are all antiheroes to one extent or another. We'll see.

Not content with just those figures, I decided to get some Mongol cavalry prepped. The horses got glued to the painting sticks this afternoon and this evening I've glued the riders on. Tomorrow evening, I'll be priming them white.

This lot will give me 3 units of cavalry plus another command stand.

Now, I know I said I probably wouldn't do any painting today, but I have done a little. On some more little figures.

Yup, the next lot of 6mm ACW. I've decided it's time to do some bluebottle cavalry. These will be my painting focus for this week. I'm still trying to decide on how to base them - 9 figures on a 60x60 base will look a bit too sparse; 18 figures would look too much. I could go for 14, which would match up with the dismounted cavalry, and use some of the extras for command stands or as mounted officers on infantry stands.

In other news, all of my remaining orders from last week have been dispatched, so I should be receiving them this week. Or, more likely, receiving little red cards of joy and frustration.


  1. Wow... just amazing stuff Tamsin... and this is you taking it easy!?! ;-)

  2. I have been slowing the pace lately but you have been cracking on by the looks. cheers

  3. @ Blax - yup. Taking it mentally easy - just some priming and sticking figures onto painting sticks :)

    @ Brendon - I think it's called "cracking on with slowing down" ;)

    @ Peter - definitely :)


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