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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Challenge Day 65 - And Breathe!

Phew! I've finished the archers and submitted them. Now I can ease off a bit until the final flurry of the Challenge.

Today was obviously spent finishing off the archers and photographing them. I think I'll take tomorrow off from painting. Most of it anyway.

I did receive some goodies in the post this morning - my order from Figures in Comfort.

A 4-tray box, 2 pluck-foam trays, some templates and some "OMG!" and "WTF?" tokens. The tokens are for when we're using my Aliens - I've given them "Terror" and "Dread" as species traits and we realised that we'd need some way to show which units have been encountered them.

Well, that's all for now folks!


  1. How on earth do you manage it? How many points is that so far in the challenge?

    When do you find time to breathe?

  2. You. Ease. Off. That'll be the day.

  3. lol enjoy your day. Love those tokens I think they're perfect for what you intend to use them for!

  4. ha ha love the sound of the tokens!!

  5. It' so satisfying when the photos are submitted to the Challenge. OMG, WTF ....Nice tokens. cheers

  6. Whoops! Forgot to reply to folks. Better late than never :)

    @ Herbert - that would be 1698 points so far. I'm getting very close to my totals of the previous two Challenges :)

    @ Ashley - you know me too well! ;)

    @ Simon - that's why I got those tokens; they'd sum up the gropos' reactions perfectly :)

    @ Ray - :D

    @ Brendon - satisfying and a great relief :)


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