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Monday, 2 February 2015

Challenge Day 60 - I'm A Loser Baby

But happy to be so.

My side-bet with Alan is over. I've been keeping things under my hat since yesterday so as not to spoil the surprise for the rest of you. However, I can now reveal that yesterday I conceded defeat in the race to 1500 points as I could see that he would make it there first.

Some options were discussed which would have prolonged the side-bet by a week, but it would have been unfair to Alan.

He thoroughly deserved the win and now I'll have the pleasure of painting up a 28mm foot figure for him as his prize. I've already got the figure, and it has been prepped.

Some Shopping

As the longest-month-between-paydays is now past, today was time for a bit of a spending spree. As I had the day off, I headed into town to get a few things from London Graphics Centre and 4D Model Shop.

From London Graphics Centre - a pack of mountboard and some Winsor & Newton Cotman brushes. The brushes will be for use with metal paints - a different handle colour will help to protect my Series 7 brushes; at the moment I'm using some old Da Vinci sable brushes which also have black handles.

From 4D Model Shop - some chunky black foam (I'll use a piece of this to minimise vibrations from my airbrush compressor when I eventually get around to using it); some wire mesh (as a mask for creating camo patterns with the airbrush); some applicator brushes (I use these for superglue sessions); new sprue cutters (the blades of my current pair are pretty well chewed); a set of modelmaking chisels; some long static grass (6.5mm; summer and early fall) and some white flower tufts.

I've also placed a couple of interweb orders this evening. First up was an order to Pendraken for some Vallejo paints. Next was an order with Amazon for a portable spray booth and some Noch puffer bottles for static grass.

I might also be placing an order with GZG for some armour and other bits for my NSL force. Well, I do have a 20% discount voucher to use!

Longbowmen WIP

I had a change of mind and decided to take the first batch to completion. Here is a pic of them after brown and black shading washes.

It seems that the brown wash has darkened the gold brown and blue of the livery more than I'd anticipated. That means I'll have to go back over those sections. However, it does give me the opportunity to brighten the colours a little

There are a few more little bits I need to do - hair, metal touch-ups/highlights, arrow heads and some details like dagger/knife hilts. I think the bows look to light, so I will go over them with the woodgrain transparency.

I have learnt a few lessons doing this batch, which will be applied to the rest of the army as I paint it. Assuming I remember of course. The main one being to do the armour (including gambesons and brigandines), flesh and large leather bits (bags, boots) first; then the washes before doing the clothing colours.

Tomorrow I have a full day off work (no shopping; no other chores) so I'll crack on with the other two units of longbowmen.


  1. Commiserations but I also lost to him on a side challenge last year so you aren't on your own! But don't you still have a challenge going with Alan regarding figures smaller under 10mm? A chance to balance the ledger, especially with all those lovely 6mm ACW figs you did!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I´m looking forward to these archers.. :) (Losing so graciously isn´t losing at all...) Cheers!

  4. I doubt you've really lost, considering howmuch you've actually finished off - would you have doe it so efficiently without the side bet ?
    archers are looking good too btw

  5. You gave Alan one hell of a run for his money so nothing to be ashamed of. As my mate Evan pointed out to me, it's hard to paint fast whilst looking over your shoulder!

  6. The archers are looking good now that song is stuck in my head.

  7. Well it was a close ran race, you look to be the first to crack 2000 between you


  8. Good idea. I am currently painting up my first 50 Perry WOTR figs and paint the side items first will actually save me time when it comes to touch ups.

  9. Nevermind! The bowmen will look great when finished.

  10. Armour for the NSL - looking forward to seeing what you get.

  11. @ Paui - I do have another side-challenge going with him and Curt. Now the pressure is off, I can perhaps focus on the 6mm ACW and hope to win that one. :)

    @ RMacedo - thanks! :)

    @ Zabadak - if it had been on "pure" points (ie, not including theme round bonus points) I'd have beaten Alan hands down, but we both signed up for total points so I knew it was going to be tough. It certainly helped spur me on and I don't mind losing to sch a nice guy :)

    @ Millsy - yup, we certainly pushed each other hard. Thank Dog it's over! :)

    @ Robert - cheers! Sorry about the earworm; it's affecting me as well ;)

    @ Ian - I expect so, but you never know - he might find another gear and get there before me ;)

    @ commissarmoody - so I see from your blog. I'll look forward to viewing the finished figures :)

    @ Simon - I'm hoping they'll look good en masse :)

    @ Dannoc - yup, Panzer Grenadiers need, errmm, Panzers ;)

  12. That was a bit of a spend up! The colours don't look that washed out???


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