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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday Update

The wind was not following today, so I haven't done anything on the gangsters (yet - I might get some work done later on). Luckily I did get a little bit done after my post last night, mostly the off-white midcoat on shirts etc.

I have done a couple of other bits though. I had promised myself that between every 2 or 3 sets of gangsters/cops/G-Men I'd paint up a "special". Given that I'm currently on my 3rd set, I'm going to need something to paint up when they're done. Like a lot of folks who have commented, I really want to see the Eureka jazz band painted up, so I've prepped them this afternoon. They are currently drying after being washed. I'll be taking some of the other "specials" packs with me to work this week, to prep during my lunch breaks. After painting the jazz band, I'd better get some of the scatter terrain done so I can do some gaming with the figures I've already got painted.

I also prepped and assembled a 25mm Gladius grav tank from Old Crow. My plan is to use this as a test piece for airbrushing. I need to get a couple of things first though - some Model Air paints, airbrush thinners and airbrush cleaner. And maybe one of those cleaning jars.

I've also placed an order with Sarissa for some more City Block buildings and some other bits. Just a small order of 12 City Block buildings, including a warehouse and 3 of the new corner stores. Plus the Town Hall from their Gaslamp Alley range, which I think will make a good inner city church. Once they are assembled and painted (a task for my new airbrush?) I should be able to do a good-sized layout for gaming.


  1. You Go Girl. Nice that you have a trial of your new airbrush and the Gladius tank seems a very suitable thing to try it out on, I shall look forward to seeing how it turns out.

  2. You may want a sonic cleaner to clean your airbrush tips too.

  3. I would think that a building will make a great canvas to try out your new airbrush.
    Jazz-band next ? YAY !

  4. Looking forward to seeing that Jazz band Tamsin.

  5. The Jazz band does sound really good. I am looking forward to seeing that! Just a small order you say, yeah right!

  6. Oh, yeah! Would love to see that tank finished. Need to prepare my forces just for the case that our Divine Empress of the Universe is upgrading her army. Yesterday they were gangsters ... tomorrow they will be soldiers. I know how that works! You cannot fool me! I've watched enough documentaries!

    But afar from that - I really would love to see those things finished.

  7. @ Clint - it might be a little while yet before I get to play with the airbrush - I've realised I need to get a couple of bits and bobs (thinners, cleaning fluid etc) first.

    @ Robert - as it happens, I bought one a little while ago for figure prep/stripping

    @ Zabadak - the airbrush will definitely be a boon for doing the buildings.

    @ Michael - I think everyone is looking forward to seeing those boys (and girl)

    @ Rodger - errrmmm, yes. "Small order, my arse" ;)

    @ Phyllion - *cough* thirteen with the one from the Gaslamp Alley range. I don't do things by halves

    @ Stargazer - I'm trying to decide on the colour scheme to do the tank in at the moment. I'll probably need to get a couple of paints as well before I can make a start.

  8. You really do have the bug on this project and its looking good so far


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