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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Named Gangsters Nearly Finished

It's been a bit of a grind, but the "Named Gangsters" are very nearly done. The only bits of painting left to do are some tidying up around ties where the colour has bled, final white highlights and flesh highlights. And a lick of gunmetal grey on the guns. And maybe some brass/gold on shirt/jacket buttons. Then it's varnishing and they are all done. I won't be able to do them tomorrow night as I'm giving Gordon a practice game for Roll Call - my Koreans vs his Jin. We've decided to play at Gordon's rather than at the club which is likely to be packed with "grown men" watching some other "grown men" kicking a ball around in South America.

Some WIP pics of the gangsters:

I'm making steady progress on prepping figures during my lunch break. All of the "specials" are now prepped, so I'm working through the rest of the lead now. Once I'm ready to start painting them, I'll need to do some work with Greenstuff or Milliput to make the bases match up to the Blue Moon ones.


  1. There are some nice colorful gun molls there, the peach dress is a nice one.

  2. Love the mix! They really invoke a gangster era feel. Really great selection of colors, the green suit is a bold choice, it really works!

    Great job!

  3. Good to see at least one mobster with a gangster gut. Great work.

  4. Good Work! I just noticed that Jackie Kennedy has joined them :-D

  5. It's great to see "suits" that aren't black. You've reflected the colourful nature of the era really well.

  6. Looking good Tamsin......not a footie fan then????

  7. Great looking G-Men and G-Women, Tasmin. Keep it up. Football is meant to be thrown - spiraled. ;)

  8. INGERLAND INGERLAND INGERLAND :) just to keep you updated with what you are missing out on-- those figures are very nicely done Tamsin

  9. They look great, i like the bases!

  10. The gangster rollercoaster continues apace - great job Tamsin.

  11. Nicely done! How do you manage to fit all the painting in with the World Cup matches?

    Just askin' . . . .

  12. @ Robert - only two of them, so that's a pair not a peach ;)

    @ Nobody667 - cheers!

    @ Brendon - he's been on a seafood diet. See food and eat it :)

    @ Stargazer - now you mention it, I do see the likeness

    @ Joe - doing all black suits would have been boring. I haven't done too many of the guys in colourful suits as my setting is a small city in Michigan rather than one of those fancy-pants big cities like New York or Chicago

    @ Ray - thanks. Nope, not a soccer fan . The only football I enjoy watching is Rugby (League or Union).

    @ Dean - how dare you call these honest entrepreneurial businessfolk "G-Men" ;)

    @ Andrew - thanks. BTW, is that one "Ingerland" for every game you expect them to lose? *ducks and covers*

    @ Smillie - the bases are how they come, just drybrushed and washed

    @ Michael - I understand that one of them has taken over the local funfair concession

    @ Phyllion - I avoid soccer like the plague :)

    @ Gary - quite simple, I don't watch the World Cup :)

  13. Stunning work on those guys Tamsin!

  14. Excellent work Tamsin, I'd rather be gaming or painting than watching fecking football!

  15. @ Rodger - thanks!

    @ Fran - cheers. I'm glad I'm not the only one :)


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