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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

More Shinies and the Broadside Pics

I was going to post yesterday, but the memory card of my camera went faulty. I could view the pics on it with the camera, but my computer couldn't see them. I've since tried another memory card and have confirmed that the problem was the memory card, not the camera. I've bought a new one and put that in now.

Before getting on with the pics of games from Broadside, just a little update for you.

When I got home yesterday another package was waiting for me.

What's this?

Someone's sent me chocolate biccies from Canada?

Phew! It's the shinies I ordered from Pulp Figures! There's a boxing match ("Who said it's rigged? That person needs to be taught some respect."), a couple of packs of street punks, newshounds and two packs of cops with some serious gats. I really like these sculpts and they fit in very well with the Blue Moon and Dixon figures; much more so than the Brigade Games ones which are a touch shorter and skinnier (or "realistically proportioned" to be fair).

At the moment I'm prepping all the cops and have started painting the "Named Gangsters".

The Broadside Games Pics:

Postie's Rejects - Russo-Japanese War

Early in the game

And a bit later:

What is Il Postino Diabolico up to?

Japanese reinforcements! (There were splutters of complaint from Ray and Surj at this point)

Crush the Kaiser

Battle of Tannenburg

Rainham Wargames Club

Clint's WWI Middle East game - lots of smelly camels

....and a close up of some of the camels:

Can't remember which club, but a great idea using PlayMobil toys

Doctor Who at the Tower of London


Reserve Doc in case they need to regenerate

The 4th Doctor and Companion

Napoleonics - Peninsula battle?

Southend club - Dead Mans Hand

The Magnificent Seven Ride Yet Again

Spaceships Game - Gamers' Hub?

It was the 'Nam baby, the 'Nam

One club, three small skirmish games

South East Essex Military Society - ACW Ironclads

Rivet Wars


 Colonial Battle in Afghanistan

WWI Early War Skirmish


  1. A grand day out! And some new Prohibition Era figs as well? It just gets better and better!

    Thanks for the pictures, you clearly thought of your readers when you took your camera along. A varied selection indeed!

    And I'm looking forward to seeing the new punks, flatfeet and pugs in their completed state, please keep us posted!

  2. Interesting pics of the games. Postie's gang does seem to be the best of the bunch.

    Prohibition stuff? Well, I think you'll end up in counselling . . . . ;O)

  3. Just as a matter of interest, is it cheaper to buy Pulp Figures direct from Canada than get them from Miniaturicun?

  4. Chicago is really roaring in your neck of the woods! I can't wait to see the street punks and newsies. Broadside had a great selection of games on view thanks for the pics.

  5. Looks like a great day out. That rivet war table looks interesting.

  6. Nice one Tams and not a single Pic of Ray! And More shinies is always a good thing as well as biccies ! Can't Beat Biccies.

  7. Great pictures of the games Tamsin, I love that you were so excited by the chocolate biscuits that your hands stated shaking. :)

  8. Great pictures Tamsin, it wasn't just smelly camels but Clint was farting like one and getting me the blame!

  9. Great stuff Tamsin, thanks for sharing. It was a great day even if it was hot and sticky (and smelly).

  10. Nice pictures, many thanks, Tamsin.


  11. Some great looking games at Broadside. Thanks for the pic's!

  12. Great games, a day out and shinies in the post, what's not to like ?

  13. Good report there Tamsin and some nice pics of the games. More shiny ? I was afflicted by the same this week.

  14. @ Ev - it was a good day out. The Pulp Figures shinies are great.

    @ Gary - or sleeping with the fishes!

    @ Edwin - I think it may be slightly cheaper direct from Canada, particularly if you are ordering several packs as the 6th and every 5th pack thereafter are free.

    @ Robert - there's nothing like going whole hog on a project is there?

    @ Kiwi - I'll take your word for it. Rivet Wars isn't really my thing.

    @ Hobbyworker - glad to be of service

    @ Clint - none of his face at any rate :)
    Sadly the packaging was a tease - there weren't any biccies :(

    @ Michael - it was anticipation of the sugar rush!

    @ Francis - that was rather dastardly of him

    @ Lee - always a pleasure

    @ Stefan - you're welcome

    @ Rodger - pics of show games are always worth sharing

    @ Zabadak - indeed. Well, maybe the heat and stuffiness in the hall...

    @ Dannoc - I reckon I might have enough shinies to keep my brushes busy for a good few years now :)

  15. Hello Tamsin.Great report and I also like your blog.I am now one of your followers. :)

  16. MORE shinies! Wow.

    I wondered if they were Coints Arabs in photos of that game. Nice to know.

  17. looks like a great day out.... must find the time to visit Broadside....well someday. If only you would be so nice to stop driving on the wrong side of the street....I would come with my trusty ole racing car...


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