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Monday, 30 June 2014

Finished: Named Gangsters

The weather was quite good this morning, so I got the various bits of spraying done. Once the matt spray varnish was dry I did my usual trick with brush-on satin and gloss varnish. That means it is time for finished pics of the Named Gangsters for my gaming collection.

I haven't done any work on the jazz band so far today, but there are still a couple of hours before I go to bed so I should get some bits done. I might just do the job I hate - painting the eyes!


  1. Excellent brushwork on all of them, right down to their shiny shoes !

  2. Very nice work. I rather like the fellow in the snazzy green suit! 'Ooh, suits you Sir!'

  3. Very nice work there Tamsin rather cool daddyo

  4. Lovely collection of tough guys and gals. Now that you have the cast of characters I look forward to the completion of Chicago.

  5. Nice one Tams. You now have enough for some mayhem I would think.

  6. These look great, you seem to have done Ray twice though. Fran looks great in Pink as well.

    Now ducking for cover


  7. Very nice work Tamsin, looking forward to the Jazz band

  8. They are simply fantastic Tamsin!

  9. They look great, i love the bases really finishes them off nicely.

  10. Top shelf stuff, Tamsin, painted and based up a treat. Well done!

  11. @ Ray - thank you Sir!

    @ Joe - the shiny shoes are easy - paint, then gloss varnish!

    @ MarkG - the green suit is rather snazzy. But now I can't get the Fast Show characters out of my head!

    @ PK - cheers old chap :)

    @ Robert - this is nowhere near the full cast. There are still civvies, street hoodlums, gun molls, more gangsters, more coppers, more G-Men and some State Troopers still to be painted. Not to forget the buildings and the Blue Moon vehicles. Oh, and there might be some masked vigilantes and evil cultists at some point in the future.

    @ Clint - I need some collateral damage, errmm, that is, I mean, errrmm, civilians first. They're next in the painting queue after the jazz band. Shouldn't be too long.

    @ Ian - done Ray twice? Nah, no badgers in this lot ;)
    As for your suggestion that the one in pink is Fran, well, shame on you sir!

    @ Monty - thank you :)

    @ Andrew - cheers. It's always nice to receive praise from a pro painter like yourself.

    @ Rodger - thanks! :)

    @ Smillie - the bases are part of the casting with the Blue Moon figures. I'll be trying to emulate it with my figures from other suppliers. A part of me is now regretting not thinking of clipping the bases and mounting them on clear plastic discs.

    @ Evan - thank you :)

    @ Francis - very dignified of you, not responding to Ian's scurrilous comment ;)

    @ Adam - thank you :)

  12. a lovely job Tamsin - a great collection. What's next?

  13. Great work. I really love the fat bloke....Thumbs up..

  14. Very nice work, as always. Cheers and boogie boogie.


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