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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Broadside Loot and Finished Gangsters

Today saw me take a trip out of The Smoke down to Sittingbourne for Broadside. The hall was crowded and rather warm (now that's an understatement). A quick whizz around the first aisle and I was at the Rejects' table to say hello to the boys and to hand over the gangster figures to Fran and Postie. You've already seen pics of the figures, but here is a pic of them packed up (obviously I've cropped and pasted from two pics for this):

I did a tour of the games to take pics (I'll post those on Tuesday) before doing my shopping. Well, the first round of shopping. On my second round of the hall I found the black Vallejo surface primer I was after, which I'd missed before. On my third (or maybe fourth) round I discovered that Colonel Bill's had a tub of 4Ground furniture, so I bought some of those. At the end of my first tour I had picked up my pre-order from Ainsty.

So, the loots:

Stacks of sacks

Barrels and assorted piles of sacks and bales

Tea crates

A skylight - I guess I'll do the panes from OHP film

Stacked timber
Rifle cases and boxes of produce

Various sizes of crates

A pigeon loft

Finished Gangsters

I got back early enough to varnish the figures. They all got sprayed with matt varnish, then some bits got coats of brush-on satin or gloss varnish.

For the guy in the leather coat I tried to "highlight" with gloss, but it didn't work right. I think the gloss had got too tacky. I've since gone back over it with satin and it looks OK now.

I'm really pleased with how this chap turned out. But what has he got in that violin case? Guesses in the comments please!

Now these wise guys are done, I'll move onto doing the "Named Gangsters". I won't be starting on them until Tuesday though as I'm playing Saga tomorrow at the club.


  1. I be he is smuggling Badgers...

    Nice loot from today..

  2. Lots and lots of loot ! All intended for gangster use I'm guessing, but also for other periods too.
    Finished mooks look great too, the guy in stripes obviously stands out with his case full of sandwiches or maybe gelignite or even possibly a violin !

  3. A great haul Tamsin, loving them Gangsters!!!

  4. A lot of stuff, Tamsin ... seems like your Gangsters are alreadying paying off :-D

  5. Nice loot Tams. The gangsters look great and the one with the violin case is obviously "Packing Fudge!"

  6. Those gangsters look great, particularly the chap with the stripy coat!

  7. A great haul Tamsin, there just has to be a budgie or two in the case ;)

  8. A fabulous post Tamsin as everyone enjoys seeing loot, but our friend at the end is clearly Budgie Smuggling - look he even has a canary stuffed in his breast pocket, and those stripes are screaming Badger to me.

  9. Very cool loot Tamsin! The gangsters are very very nice.I would tend to agree with the others and say budgie smuggling, however I would carry a bottle of JD and a pack of smokes!!

  10. The Zebra stripes are really well done and goes well with the green vest - I've always wondered why my wife will not let me wear similar colors in public.

    As for what's in the case, given the figures girth, I'm pretty sure it's either a baked ziti or a whole bunch of cannoli.

  11. Love the chap in the striped blazer!

    Lots of interesting stores I need to investigate!

  12. Nice treats and I love the gangsters.

    I'm with Miles: Its jammed with bread, prosciutto ham and a nice chianti.

  13. Great loot! I love the accessories, the furniture and barrels and stuff are awesome! I can't wait to see the buildings detailed up with them!

  14. A nice haul and a very well painted mob.


  15. Sorry your gloss got tacky. And woohoo on the loot.

  16. Postie said "Many thanks for my lovely figure, and great to see you at the show as always, hope you weren't too knackered by the time you got home???"

  17. @ Dave - badgers? I doubt he could fit more than one in the case ;)

    @ Zabadak - their last bank job didn't quite go to plan when he brought jelly instead of gelignite ;)
    Yup, the loots are intended for the mob wars

    @ Ray - cheers. You can let Postie know that I wasn't knackered when I got home. Hot, but not knackered.

    @ Stargazer - yup, they're paying off corrupt cops, judges, politicians and city hall officials :)

    @ Clint - fudge? Maybe, but he hasn't been packing it in the violin case ;)

    @ Robert - thanks :)

    @ Smillie - I'm quite pleased with them :)

    @ Andrew - what on earth would make you think that?

    @ Mikko - I doubt he's the musical type ;)

    @ Michael - he's got a canary in his pocket? Alongside the stool pigeons I suppose? ;)

    @ Rodger - another vote for smuggled budgies? OK, you're all right.

    @ Miles - he's definitely my favourite of this bunch. I can't think why your missus won't let you out of the house in such dapper threads.
    As for the case contents, I can't imagine they'd have lasted long in there. I think I see a few crumbs and grease stains on that waistcoat ;)

    @ Legatus - he is an impressive chap, isn't he?

    @ Curt - not to forget the fava beans (grrr, can't type that sound Anthony Hopkins made)

    @ Nobody667 - I'll probably try to get them painted up after doing the "Named Gangsters"

    @ Stefan - thanks!

    @ Whisk - woot woot for the loot! The gloss going tacky was my own fault - I should have thinned it a bit or used a fresh drop


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