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Sunday, 22 June 2014

"It's a Raid!"

Thursday's game against Gordon was an excellent result for me - a 25-0 victory for my Koreans against his Jin. As he lost his other practice game against Seb last week, I think he is regretting his choice of army and composition. Sorry, I didn't take any pictures as I forgot to pack my camera. I believe we got 9 full turns in before his army broke during the impact phase of the 10th when I charged two fragmented units which broke. I'd only lost 2 bases.

I haven't touched the Named Gangsters since Wednesday, but plan to make up for that tomorrow by getting them finished (including varnishing).

This morning I got woken up at a horribly early time by the postman. It was my Sarissa order being delivered.

Some big boxes

2 City Block Residences and a Gaslamp Alley Town Hall

3 City Block Corner Stores

Rear of the instructions - ground floor interior!

3 small and 3 large City Block commercial buildings

City Block Warehouse

A set of templates and 2 packs of tokens for Gruntz

I've spent this afternoon and evening putting the warehouse together. Some of the bits aren't glued in place yet to make it easier to paint other parts. I also discovered that I'd made a booboo putting the door pieces together. This has necessitated soaking the bits to allow me to separate them. They are now drying out between several layers of kitchen roll with a heavy weight on top to prevent warping. That will teach me to do a dry-fit first!

Anyway, here are some pics of the place (minus loading bay doors) being raided by the Feds and the Cops:

Front steps aren't glued in place yet

The tea crates were a bit fiddly to assemble

The stairs aren't glued in place yet, so that I can paint the columns more easily.

*cough* someone forgot to take into account the window positions when they designed the layout for the ground floor offices....
(not me - I assembled as per the destructions)

Edit: *abashed face* errmmm, actually it was me. It appears that I didn't follow the destructions and assembled the insert upside down. My apologies to Sarissa.

The panel with the window and door details has been painted (needs a touch up in places) but won't be glued in place until I've painted the rest of the building. 

I'll leave painting the building for evenings during the week - as it's mostly going to be spray painting, that's an easy job for when I get home too tired to paint figures.

I think tomorrow I'll assemble one of the corner stores. Alongside finishing the Named Gangsters, of course.


  1. Looking forward to seeing that all painted up.

  2. Wow - you got a lot done! I don't usually like the Sarissa big building block style walls but they work perfectly for this!

  3. You are well along in construction of the city!
    I was really liking the warehouse till the ground floor office goof, that would drive me nuts! ;)

  4. These building will look amazing. Really looking forward to seeing them painted up!

  5. Looking good. You are creating a veritable MDF "Jungle" of mean streets and hot lead!

  6. Strange that they bungled the warehouse offices, consideriing the name of the company.

  7. Looking good. Those Sarissa buildings will a make a great setting for games.

  8. WOW Tamsin, at this rate your going to need a bigger place! Your really making it tough for me not to invest in those buildings myself...gotta resist Zombicide 3 is launching next weekend.

  9. Oh my you lucky so and so, have you won the lottery?

  10. @ commissarmoody - at this rate, it's going to take a while to paint all of them up

    @ Legatus - I'm guessing that the reason they do the big-block style is to cut down on the amount of time the laser spends etching the MDF.

    @ David - it turns out the goof was mine, see my edit

    @ Rodger - the warehouse will be a fantastic gaming piece when it's done

    @ Clint - an urban jungle indeed

    @ Zabadak - as it turns out, the bungle was mine not theirs. I've added an edit to that effect

    @ Mark - they certainly will

    @ Terry - unless I win the lottery that's not likely to be an option. The reason for getting so many is to provide variety for my own games and to do big table layouts for participation games

  11. Hey the City Blocks look great....now it's time to put some paint on them.
    and congrats for the crushing victory with the Koreans

  12. These are fantastic, Tamsin! We could only dream of such huge buildings 10-20 years ago and you got them together in a day. It'll look fantastic when you get it all set up.

  13. @ Michael - curse you, you commented as I was replying! I wish I had won the lottery - this project has become quite expensive. Luckily I don't think there's any more big stuff to buy (unless Sarissa come out with more new buildings)

    @ Markus - thank you. I will admit that my crushing victory was at least in part due to some very lucky dice for me and some terrible ones for Gordon

    @ Monty - it is great what is available these days.

  14. Very cool! I love the look and feel of the building. A great hideout/warehouse of illegal booze. This will be great when completed, it should be perfect for those raid scenarios.

  15. Large buildings. Going to be fun terrain to game over.

  16. They look terrific Tamsin and congrats for cracking on and getting them assembled, even with the inevitable minor mistakes (ask me about my 4Ground buildings and learning the hard way to always dry-fit first). I agree with Monty ... it wasn't so long ago that the only way to get buildings like that was to either scratch-build and hope you didn't amputate a digit with the Olfa knife while hacking at foam board or getting a second mortgage to buy hunks of resin. Looking forward to seeing those buildings in gaming reports.

  17. @ nobody667 - and for scenes like non-sanctioned boxing matches

    @ Brendon - definitely lots of gaming potential with that building

    @ Michael - look out for my post tonight. I've discovered a rather neat solution (both major meanings) for doing base colouring of the MDF buildings. I'll be applying that discovery to the rest of them before beginning assembly.
    It's definitely great that these are available now, although I do regret the passing of the days when lasers were purely for the threatened emasculation of British secret agents ;)

  18. love the buildings they look fab


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