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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Paint Table Saturday #32

Before showing you what's on the paint table right now, I did a bit of shopping this morning. I ended up with a bit more than intended. I only went for a new pack of mini diamond needle files and the clips!

But ended up with some polystyrene spheres (to make planets for Full Thrust), a couple of cans of spray paint, some mesh (to make masks for spraying camo patterns), some disposable brushes for glue application. Oh, and an airbrush & compressor set. I might have a play with that tomorrow.

However, I must return to the real purpose of this post - showing you what I'm painting right now.

I've had a good session this evening on these figures, my "gaming" pack of "Named Gangsters" (to replace the ones I painted as gifts). By the way, Rodger and Zabadak have received theirs and posted pics on their blogs.

As you can see, the flesh base coat, eye-whites, weapons (apart from the metal) and bases are done, along with a pale grey base coat for shirts. I've also done the suits and dresses (base coat plus two highlights). With a following wind, I should manage to finish painting them tomorrow. Since taking the pics I have added eye colour and done a tidying up around the eyes with the flesh base.


  1. An airbrush, there will be no stopping you now!

  2. I love the fact that you can buy a lot of stuff "accidently" along with your intended purchases !
    Good to see the gangsters coming along (and at such a rapid rate too)

  3. That's quite a haul of swag considering what you went for. Hey but why not. Gangsters coming on well.

  4. The best laid plans... The gangsters are going like gangbusters.

  5. You bought an airbrush! Un-flippen-believeable Tamsin, this spending spree has to stop as you are making me green with envy! That said do let us have a review of said airbrush as I've been thinking about one myself, but wouldn't know where to star! ;)

  6. An air brush ah??? We'll have to start calling you the Rich Reject me thinks!!

  7. Airbrush?
    Pretty cool! Good luck & much fun with it!


  8. Gangsters are looking very nice Tamsin! An airbrush would be very useful!

  9. @ Chris - well, maybe lethargy/fatigue could stop me

    @ Zabadak - they were things that had been in the back of my mind to buy at some point anyway. As the shop can be a little awkward to get to it made sense to buy them while I was there.

    @ Clint - at least all the extras are things that I can/will use for once!

    @ Robert - they were all planned, just not necessarily for this shopping trip ;)

    @ Neil - thanks.

    @ Michael - I've mainly got this one for terrain and vehicles. It's a pretty basic single-action type. Once I've had a play, I'll post a review.

    @ Ray - not rich, just have fewer calls on my income than some of you guys which means I have a bit of spare cash for stuff like this. No doubt Big Lee will latch on and support the title's transference to me though.

    @ Stefan - I've never used one, so it will be an interesting learning curve

    @ Rodger - thanks! Useful certainly, but I'll have to practice.

  10. Just catching up on what I have missed that was no small trip to the shops was it ;)


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