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Friday, 1 June 2012

"The dices are not my preciouses"; Ouch!

Tonight's FoG battle against Gordon was actually going fairly well until the inevitable happened and the dice turned against me, leading to unit after unit breaking. I had managed to break 2 or 3 of his though, and was close to breaking a few more. I'd managed to create a couple of excellent positional set-ups as well when this happened.

I'm really kicking myself that I didn't take my camera - there would have been some great shots.

Still, it was a good game and could have gone either way, despite me stupidly taking a Rhoxolani army - protected Bw* cav were not very useful, even if one of them was steadfastly refusing to break for several turns despite base losses, being outnumbered 2:1 (at the start - 4:1 in the final round of melee!) and outgunned (they were fighting opponents who were Armoured, so my cav were on a negative POA).

Taking the Scythian allies was definitely a good move though - the extra light horse (you can only take a max of 8 bases on the Sarmatian list) proved their worth.

Now the Sarmatians are nearly done and I've had a good chance to get used to them, I'm keen to try some other ancient armies which I could take Sarmatian allies with. Time to start looking through the list books to see which ones I could do.


After packing away my troops at the end of the game, I popped down to the loo. As I went through the door, I slipped on a small patch of water and went elbow* over tit. Result: big bruise on my right knee, sore-but-not-bruised right elbow, small bruise above my right ear and a slightly strained left bicep. Hopefully the knee bruise will go down overnight.

* I do in fact know my arse from my elbow, but thought I'd be polite. Oh, drat! I seem to have undone my good intentions with this explanation.


  1. Oh dear, hope you not in too much pain from both the dodgy die rolls and the slip!

  2. Ouch.. both on the dice and the slip.. not a good night to be out it seems..

  3. Hope the bruised arm won't stop you painting! It must be a time for accidents cos I managed to slice myself up for the umpteenth time last night. I've managed to stab myself more times than I care to remember in the last 30 years of modelling and gaming. Now with your accident its become clear to me that this really is a dangerous hobby... on par with rock climbing or sky diving!!!

  4. Some days are wrong days...;-)


  5. Obviously a piece of chicken from Nandos wasn't enough of a sacrifice to the gods. :-)

  6. oh dear sounds like it was not your day

  7. Thanks guys! Still in pain from the dice rolls, but at least the pain (and swelling) in my knee has gone down and my bicep seems OK. Unfortunately it seems that my left shoulder (which I mashed a couple of years ago) may have taken a bit of a hit as it's rather sore, but it doesn't seem bad enough to prevent me holding strips of figures for painting.

  8. What a night!! Hope you are feeling better about your injuries and the unfriendly dice. Glad that it's not stopping you from painting.