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Thursday, 14 June 2012

A-viking we will go..... WIP: First Vikings #1

I've managed to do quite a bit of prep work this evening:

  • Cut all the parts off the sprues (storing in a multi-compartment tray until used)
  • Cleaned up mold lines on Wargames Factory figures (16 armoured, 16 unarmoured)
  • De-sprued, cleaned up and started assembling the 2 command figures (warlord, hornblower) from the Gripping Beast pack - just the shields and a cloak to add
  • Glued figures onto 25mm washers

Tomorrow I'll hopefully manage to do assembly of 8 armoured and 8 unarmoured figures and will take photo s for you at that stage. We've got first practice games set up for Monday, so it would be good to have some figures at least partly painted.

I've also done another step on my Secret Project this evening and should manage to squeeze in another step tomorrow.


  1. I know your pain of clipping out and cleaning all those bits...but I can assure you that it IS worth it in the end Tamsin!

  2. Sometimes prep work can be real boring. But the anticipation of final result can be fun.

  3. You will get hooked! On my fourth saga army. ! If you have an wargames factory figures you can trim their necks etc to fit the GB ones.
    Also the WF arms fit better if you do some trimming on the inside of the shoulder joint.

  4. I found it easier to glue the shields on after painting. But then, I need all the help I can get. Looking forward to seeing this secret project too.

  5. I would interested in what you think about the differences between WF and GB.