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Sunday, 24 June 2012

WIP: 2nd Vikings #3

Once my chores were out of the way, I managed to get a few more steps done on the unarmoured vkings:

  • breeches
  • tunic sleeves
  • boots
  • belts and scabbards

I just need to get the hair don and they'll be usable for gaming while I do detailing and paint up the shields. When the shields are glued on, I can do the Klear/ink and then to the basing.

Well, you want the pics don't you?


  1. Good stuff. Might have to dig out my Gripping Beast Dark Ages stuff and paint it up after seeing these.

    What's Saga like to play? Does seem a little expensive for a set of rules.

  2. These look good, vikins are fun to paint, and you are doing a good job on them!

  3. Your really whizzing through these!!!!

  4. They got a bit dark hair... shouldn't they be blond? Maybe a red-head or two?

  5. Loving these Tamsin, you are making them awfully hard to resist.

  6. Thanks guys :)

    @ Felonmarmer - yup, it is a bit expensive to buy the rules but I'd say worth the money. I've paid similar prices for rules that will probably never be used, so £25 for rules that will get played a lot isn't too steep

    @ Ray - not as fast as I'd like. So much more surface area to paint than the 15s I've been painting, not to mention all the detailing and highlighting I'll need to do

    @ Leif - that could be because I haven't done their hair yet, what you are seeing is the black primer. When I do them, they'll mostly be blond or light brown, a couple of red-heads.

    @ Michael - resistance is futile!

  7. Wonderful!! Now I want to get more!

  8. Actually....Not all Vikings were blonde with blue eyes!- all the Danes were Germanic, so a few blondes, the rest dark brown and fair hair.
    I think this holds for all the Nordic races pretty well.