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Friday, 22 June 2012

WIP: Second Vikings #1

I've finally finished assembling these (minus shields - to be added later). This batch are 16 unarmoured warriors - at some point I'll need to get another pack so that I can make up some bow-armed levies.

I'm going to leave them to set overnight, then they'll be primed tomorrow. I might even be able to start painting them. I think I'll probably paint a few of them as having leather tunics/coats.

I did go to the club last night, but didn't get a game in - there were very few people there. However, I did get to do something with Saga - Ian M was playing a 4 point game (Jomsvikings vs Scots) against his son-in-law and I was acting as rules adviser/looker-upper. It was definitely interesting to see how the rules worked with warbands of this size - it was much more interesting than the 1 and 2 point games we had played on Monday. One of the funniest moments (for everyone but Ian) was when Ian had charged his warlord and a unit of 4 hearthguard into a unit of 8 warriors, used abilities and their target's fatigue to get themselves to 15 attack dice needing 3s to hit and only scored 2 hits (1 saved).


  1. I've got these figures....but mine are still in the box??

  2. I'm sure we have all been there(or something similar) at some stage.

  3. That sounds like my kind of dice rolling!

  4. Sounds like a great game there