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Monday, 4 June 2012

WIP: 30YW Foot, the Red-Green Regiment #2; WIP: Second Batch Sarmatian "Other Cavalry" #3

30YW Foot, the Red-Green Regiment

"Aha! She's spotted our snarky comments yesterday and gone over the yellow with red to correct her mistake"

Not as much done today as I'd hoped, mostly because I'm feeling grotty for some reason.

Done today:

  • Jackets (and officers' breeches) - Vermillion 909
  • Officers' Hats - Dark Grey 994 dry-brushed with 50:50 mix of Dark Grey and Neutral Grey 992
  • Troopers' Hats - Dark Grey 994 dry-brushed with 50:50 mix of Dark Grey and Neutral Grey 992; or 50:50 mix of Dark Grey and Neutral Grey dry-brushed with Neutral Grey
  • Leatherwork - Leather Brown 871 (also basecoat for apostles and matchcord)
  • Gloves - Burnt Umber 941
  • Stocking ribbons, scabbard loops, troopers' cuffs - Flat Green 968

Still to do:

  • Dry-brush apostles
  • Thick wash matchcord
  • Collars, hat feathers and drum skins
  • Metalwork - pike tips, sword hilts, drum rims, buckles
  • Klear/ink
  • Basing

I might get a couple of these bits done before going to bed tonight, the rest I'll be able to get done tomorrow.

Sarmatian "Other Cavalry"

These got a spray coat of matt varnish this morning and this evening have been flocked and tufted. Finito!!!
That just leaves 60 more lancers to prep, prime, stick on horses and paint for all my Sarmatians to be done and dusted (unless I decide to max out the light and medium foot options....)

Depending on how things go tomorrow with the Red-Green foot, I may make a start on the cuirassiers - probably just basecoats for the armour and horse colours.


  1. Love the "Yuletiders"! ;-)

    (So named because back in college we once had a regiment of Napoleonic foot done in black and orange that was immediately christened the "Halloweeners".)

  2. That's a great effort for when you are "feeling grotty ". How much would you get done when you are feeling on top of the world?? Troops are looking good Tamsin.

  3. I'm a big fan of the Samartians - all the different colours work nicely against the armour and don't look gaudy - that's not an easy thing to achieve at all. They look fantastic! :)

  4. @ Fran - "the Prolific". I like that :)

    @ Joseph - cheers and like the nickname for them. I have a feeling it will stick

    @ Rodger - possibly not much more, now I think about it. I'd maybe have got a couple more of those steps out of the way, but I'd have used the extra time/energy for other things

    @ PanzerKaput - cheers!

    @ Andy - I'm just glad that the Sarmatians are almost finished now. It's been great fun painting them, but like you say it's hard to get the colourfulness without it looking gaudy. Mind you, for the Scythians I can go quite gaudy which will be a challenge in and of itself!