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Saturday, 9 June 2012

WIP: Donnington 30YW Cuirassiers #5

They're very nearly done!

Done Today:

  • Horse markings - Ivory 918
  • Horse tack and sword belts - Saddle Brown 940
  • Holsters and scabbards - Leather Brown 871
  • Wood (pistols, flag staffs) - Mahogany Brown 846
  • Metal bits - Oily Steel 865, some Bronze 998
  • Armour touch-ups - mix of Oily Steel and black ink wash
  • Horse eyes

Still To Do:

  • Klear/ink coat
  • Glue to bases
  • Add basing gunk
  • Dry-brush basing gunk
  • Matt spray varnish
  • Flocking and tufting

I'll probably be able to do the first 2 of those steps tonight, and add the basing gunk tomorrow evening when I get back from Broadside. If I don't get back too late, I might even be able to get the dry-brushing done which would allow me to do the varnishing and flocking on Monday.


  1. Looking great Tamsin. Love the touches of blue.

  2. All the hard work is paying off, well done
    Staying with a project is the hardest thing!

  3. Very impressed with your dedication to sticking at the task.Great work Tamsin.

  4. Looking great, I'm always impressed by how much people like yourself get done.

  5. @ Dux - you love the touches of blue? Not so much the touches of red and green? lol

    @ Geordie and Rodger - thanks, it is tough at times but I'm usually able to stick with it.

    @ Mecha Ace - it helps that I'm just going for a good 15mm tabletop standard, so no 3-shade painting to slow things down. of course, when I eventually do some 25/28mm....