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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Secret Projects; WIP: First Vikings #3

Secret Projects

I had decided to have a lie-in this morning but had managed to sleep in for longer than intended (I obviously needed the sleep!), so I wasn't unhappy when my doorbell rang. It was the postman with a small parcel for me - the items I'd ordered for my original Secret Project. A small fraction of these will get prepped and painted shortly as I need them, but I want to get the current batch of Vikings done first. The rest will make up Secret Project #2 and can wait a while - I won't start on them until my 30YW army is finished.

In terms of Secret Project #1, I've managed to do a couple more steps today. I'll be able to do the next couple of steps before I go to bed. At this rate, I might even be able to complete it tomorrow or Monday.

WIP: First Vikings

The 16 warriors I assembled yesterday have now been primed. Unfortunately, when I went to start assembling the 16 unarmoured warriors I discovered that the needle applicator on my polystyrene cement had clogged. Rats! Tried my other one, same thing. Double rats! I'll need to get some more before I can continue with assembly. Or maybe use one of my El Cheapo brushes that I know longer use for painting.

Tomorrow I'll probably do the basic steps on all 18 figures I have primed, then will work in smaller batches until they are (almost) finished.

Some piccies:


  1. Sounding a lot like Saga to me...

  2. Batch painting works well for me too - I just get depressed if I see too big a pile of lead in front of me!

  3. Your far too organized Tamsin, well apart from the glue of course!

  4. Have fun with the project!

    Regarding the clogged up needles... Just point the needle upwards at a 45° angle and heat it with the flame from a lighter. You might need to give the bottle the slightest of squeezes, to make sure the air pushes the last remainders of the glue out, but that is it. Wait about a minute for the needle to cool down again. Oh and make sure you do this outside or in a well ventilated room... The fumes are toxic!