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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

WIP: 30YW Foot, the Red-Green Regiment #4; WIP: Donnington 30YW Cuirassiers #2

Not quite an ouch today, more of an "aaarrggghhh!" - my lower back had seized up when I woke today, which caused me to stay in bed until late afternoon when it had eased a bit. So, an unexpected day off work, but not able to make a great deal of use of it. I did get some bits done though.

30YW Foot, the Red-Green Regiment

Oberst Niklaus Wenzel, Graf von Nordpol and his "Yuletiders" are now finished - matt spray varnish and flocking all done, so here are some pics for your enjoyment:

The big question is what to do as the next Regiment - the Red-Blues or the Green-Blues? I think I'll let you lot decide for me!

Donnington 30YW Cuirassiers

Done today:
Armour dry-brushed with Gunmetal Grey 863 then given a thin wash of black ink
Horse base colours* painted
Bays and greys - muzzles, tails, cannons and manes washed with black ink
Blacks - all over wash of black ink
Greys - thin wash of black ink all over

* not-quite-wash-thin coats of:
Bay - Chocolate Brown 872, German Camo Medium Brown 826, Flat Brown 984
Chestnut - Mahogany Brown 846
Black - Dark Grey 994
Grey - Pale Greyblue 907

The bays and chestnuts still need to get their shading washes, which I might do later on along with a Yellow Ochre basecoat on the flags, saddle cloths, plumes and jackets for the Red regiment. Tomorrow I should be able to get a decent amount done - horse markings, horse tack, holsters, pistols, flag-staffs, gloves and boots I reckon. That is if I don't pop along to the club after work (I haven't got a game arranged, but might fancy a curry and natter).


  1. The Red-Greens have come out really well, so I would say go for the Green-Blues next for a bit of contrast!

    Hope the back is better!

  2. nice work so far... allot to do eh? we are all on the same boat. I have a nasty cold? flu? or worse there are rumours of something serious going around?

  3. The green blues, the green blues and Ray is also crippled with his back tonight, I've laughed so much at him but not your pain!

  4. That reminds me I must take the christmas decorations down! :)

    Sorry to hear about the back though, hope you are back to full working order soon.

  5. Green-Blues for me too. Hope your back is feeling better now.

  6. thanks guys - the back is better today, so I'm at work.

    Green-blues it is then - that'll be another 9-base regiment.

    @ Gowan - sorry to hear that. Hope you get well soon

    @ Fran - that's not very nice of you, mocking poor Ray. Keep it up! ;)

    @ Michael - glad to have been of some service then lol