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Saturday, 16 June 2012

WIP: First Vikings #2 (aka "I hate plastics!")

Got another stage done on the Secret Project. I think there are another 6 or 7 steps until it's complete, so if I manage to do 1 a day you'll be in for a step-by-step account next weekend. Maybe sooner if I manage to get more than 1 step done per day.

Anyhoos, the Vikings are what you want to hear about. I'm discovering an aversion to plastics. Too much fiddling about with assembly for my liking - I just want to get on and paint them up. I guess I'll just have to persevere with these as I've paid for them now and made a start on assembly.

I've spent this evening gluing arms onto the armoured warriors and have started on the heads. As suggested by Rodger yesterday in a comment, I'm going to leave the shields off for now.

The two figures I completed assembly of yesterday have now been primed (using Vallejo Black Polyurethane Primer). Here are a couple of pics.


  1. Shame on you Tamsin! Plastic is the way forward! 'Mon the plastic revolution! :P

  2. Oh boy I was getting ready to buy some plastic soldier company infantry next week. I first balked at havinG to assemble infantry. But the price - oh the price.

    Then I read your post - keep at it and I'm sure I'll post about it when I start building. We'll keep each other encouraged.

  3. Strange old world..as 28mm plastics are looking better and better, the casting for metal 1/72nd´s is also getting better, very refined detailing. The world turns upside down.

  4. I have managed to avoid plastics thus far but there are two pieces that I've seen recently that just knock my socks off. It's the assembly that puts me off as well, but the pieces I'm looking at are stellar so I may just suck it up and do it!

  5. Not a plastics fan myself. Did not enjoy just adding heads to 28mm metals so all that arm work etc! Though it does allow for more poses etc.


  6. Ah.. the joy of plastics:-) I put together a box of Vikings and a box of Saxons a while back (for a change from the mighty 10mm).
    Just think of the money you've saved, put on some decent music or your fav film and get into the plastic zone....its the only way:-)


  7. I like plastic miniatures, and metal miniatures obviously, mainly for multipose aspect. But I have a modeler background.
    But I know metal miniatures need less time assembling them.

    Who knows?

    Happy wargaming to All.


  8. Yes they are fiddly little buggers to get together!
    Yes you will be totally sick of them - well before you are finished!
    But the result SI worth it, and I know I would never have been able to afford to Viking Warband and Saxon horde I have if I had been shelling out for metal figs!

  9. Lots to be said for avoiding the plastics but I like the variety that can be gained. As Paul has said very fiddly little buggers but if you can hang in there the rewards are worth it.The price also helps a lot too.

  10. Yup, the price is very good, you get to play around with posing the figures, but it is frustratingly fiddly doing the assembly and clean-up.

    Interesting to have the "Lead" Legion arguing in favour of plastics! *lol*

    I think the big issue here is of my own creation - doing so many at once! Not to forget, having taken everything off all of the sprues, which means a lot of sorting of arms etc to be done before gluing them on. I'll have tons of leftovers - hacked off limbs on bases?

  11. unfortunatly what save in cash with the plastic you pay for in time fiddling about. I feel your pain i have 400 of thr darn things do do for my Sudan stuff. Stick with it.

  12. well, I go on holidays and when I return, you start another project, quite similar to mine. Ta ta ta, Tamsin.

    Well, fortunately for me, i have quite a few secret new ones now ;)