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Sunday, 17 June 2012

WIP: First Vikings #4; Secret Project

I've managed to do quite a bit on the Vikings today:

  • armour and metal bits of weapons dry-brushed with Gunmetal Grey863
  • hands, faces and necks painted with Flesh Base (Panzer Aces 341)
  • wood painted with Flat Brown 984
  • belts, pouches and scabbards painted with Leather Brown 871
  • tunics and trousers done (the reds were painted over a basecoat of Yellow Ochre 913)
  • boots painted

I'll do the hair tomorrow, which should be enough for me to reasonably use them as WIP figures for gaming. I'll then work on them indvidually or in pairs/small groups to do the detailing and shading/highlighting. Aha, just remembered - need to do the shields. That shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Some piccies:

Secret Project

I've done a couple more stages, but have hit an unexpected hurdle - something is taking much longer than expected to dry. Grrr! If it had dried, I'd have been able to get the final step done this evening. Hopefully it will have finished drying overnight and I can complete them tomorrow before heading off to the club for our first games of Saga.


  1. Looking great Tamsin, look forward to seeing these finished.

  2. Splendid work Tamsin with a lovely variety in the colour palette. How are you finding the larger scale?

  3. Great work there Tamsin. Take the camera to the game and good luck. I read the rules at the weekend and I think I might give them a try too.

  4. Cheers guys!

    @ Michael - I deliberately went for a 12-colour palette (4 each of reds, greens and blues) to ensure a good variety of "best fighting trousers/tunics" for this bunch. When I do the unarmoured guys, the palette will be more muted. I'm finding the larger scale quite easy, but I have done some 25mm last summer (there are pics near the start of the blog) but they were all SciFi military bods. The big difference is going to be that I will have to do shading/highlighting on these ....

    @ Rodger - will do. The rules certainly look fun. The basic mechanisms are simple, the tough part will be learning how to use the battleboards

  5. They are coming on rather well and they look like some good figures there