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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Half-Birthday on Sunday; Minor Updates

First off apologies for not getting round to adding the pics to yesterday's battle report. I've been feeling groggy all day and just wanted to veg out a bit this evening. I have done a little bit of painting though - basecoated the wooden reverses of 32 shields for my armoured and unarmoured Vikings and painted some basic designs on the front of the two warlords' shields.

Sunday will be the blog's first "half-birthday" and there will be a prize draw.When I first mentioned this a short while back, I was wondering if I'd make it to 25,000 page views in time - it looks as though I'll just miss that mark (unless I somehow get 1500+ hits in the next 4 days), but should reach it before the end of the prize draw period, so I'll be combining the two anyway. I've got a couple of prizes already, but I'll need to think of a couple more to reward you all for putting up with my wittering.

Quick question for you all: over the last couple of weeks I've noticed that Blogger seems to be randomly inserting white background to my text. It always does this for bulleted lists, but sometimes does it elsewhere in my posts (it did it in yesterday's post). I've also noticed it on a couple of other blogs - the worst example was on one blog which uses white text on a black background, so you couldn't actually read it. Have you encountered this anywhere?

I'm looking forward to next Thursday - it appears that we should have a big bunch of Saga games going on at CLWC, possibly including a 4 player 4-point "Feast of Crows" scenario.


  1. Yeah I've had problems too. I've had random extra blank lines inserted into my blog.

  2. I'm seeing it as well, and yes, my blog is unreadable. I'm going to have to change the style just to fix it. Very annoying.

  3. I know how you feel. I woke up Sunday with a headache and a sick stomach. Really saps the will to do anything productive.

  4. Last Tuesday I was having that problem too. Only had it the one day and blogger has been behaving since-so far

  5. I've been having the white background bug (and the blank lines too) for awhile now...pretty annoying actually!!!

    Happy Half-birthday on Sunday. Sunday is my actual Birthday - does that help me win ? :-)

    Glad you are feeling better

  6. Happy 6th month birthday!! I'll look forward to your Prize draw!! I've had the same white background thingy a few times come up on my blog too, its a right pain in the arse!!

  7. Happy half-birthday Tamsin's blog for Sunday. Haven't had the same prob's with blogger as you guys but I have noticed several of my comments in the last week on peoples blogs "disappear".

  8. At least I'm not the only one it's happening to. *phew*

    @ Paul - I'll count you as two entries then, as it's your actual b'day

    @ Rodger - a lot of genuine comments have been getting marked as "spam" lately, so maybe that's what's happened with yours?

  9. Yep, got the white lines too. Had to go into HTML mode and manually delete every background colour tag.