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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

WIP: Donnington 30YW Cuirassiers #6 - Finished!

I was in luck - when I got home from work this evening it wasn't piddling down so I could open my windows and do the spray varnishing. After the matt varnish had had time to dry, I did the flocking of the bases. I've decided to leave tufting until the whole army is finished (well, that is, I mean, finished until I decide to add more units) to ensure a coherent approach.

Here you go:

I've also washed the sprues of Vikings that I'm going to make a start on. They're now drying out on my workbench. Tomorrow I'll make a start on assembling them - that should be interesting as I haven't worked with plastic figures or models since i was a teenager.

First things first though - I need to work out what weapons my warband composition is going to be. I'm tempted to go down the Jomsviking route (no levies!) which should make things easier - two 8-figure groups of warriors and four 4-figure groups of Hearthguard. I can always add some bow armed levies later on if I decide I want missile troops in my warband.


  1. Splendid job!

    Looking forward to seeing your Norsemen hit the table :-)

  2. Make sure you use plastic glue on those vikings and not super glue. You'll get much better results.

  3. Very nice work, Tamsin. They look great all ranked-up.

  4. Fabulous looking Cuirassiers. Based and all formed up they look very formidable indeed!

  5. Great work... They look quiet impressive even at this samll scale!

  6. Great work, they should look great on the battlefield.

  7. Nice work! I like the finished look of the armour. Lets hope they do their work


  8. Thanks guys! I'm pleased with them (and with the weather changing for the better!).

    @ Paul and AHunt - it will be a couple of days before there are any pics of the Vikings I think.

  9. Nice work Tamsin but something more sinister has arisen, there's a rumour on the blogosphere spread by Ray that you called me Ray on my blog yesterday!

  10. Fantastic looking Cuirassiers.Very very well done indeed! Have fun glueing up those Vikings.

  11. They look good there and lovely bases that totally finish the figures. Look forward to the Vikings.

  12. Yeah, in the bag, well done :)
    You are five times faster than me!


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