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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Prepping, prepping, prepping....

....and no painting

I've spent yesterday evening and a little bit of this evening prepping more of my 30YW figures. My plan is to have a good lot ready for a painting spree over the long weekend - for those not in the UK who won't know, Monday and Tuesday are public holidays to celebrate Her Maj having been Her Maj for 60 years.

Prepped so far:
18 musketeers (the extras I ordered to allow me to do 3 regiments as 9 bases rather than 6)
36 cuirassiers (3 regiments)
12 harquebusiers/reiters (1 regiment)

I'm going to slow down on the prepping, to just do 1 regiment a night, which should allow me to do some painting as well.

Tomorrow evening I've got a 800pt game of FoG against Gordon - he's practicing with his Lidians for Roll Call in 2 weeks time. I'll be running a Sarmatian army with Scythian allies.


  1. Sounds like your gonna be a busy gal!!!

  2. You're a painting machine Tamisin. Best of luck to you on the game!

  3. we all gotta prep alot sometimes. even if we do not wanna do it

  4. That little lot will keep you out of trouble for a while Tamsin. Good luck for the game.