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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Just a quickie

Well, the weather forecast was wrong - thankfully. instead it was bright and sunny when I got up this morning, so I took the opportunity to do the next step of my Secret Project which needed to be done outside. Wahey! Some progress!

This evening however I have been feeling a bit wiped out, so I didn't make a start on assembling my Viking troops for Saga. I did manage to do another step on the Secret Project though, as it was something that only needed a few minutes to do.

Hopefully I won't be feeling wiped out tomorrow night and can start assembling the plastics.


  1. Hope your feeling better Tamsin, it's all this dreaming of lead that leaves you tired


  2. Sursum Corda Tamsin! Maybe too painted Sarmatians...;-)


  3. I feel your pain, work is frying me at the moment!

  4. Hope you feeling better soon. I'm looking forward to these Vikings you know!

  5. I dunno what it was guys - I was OK when I got home, but just felt *bleugh* after I'd had my dinner