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Friday, 1 June 2012

5 Months In

Well, the blog is 5 months old now - 1 month to go until its first half-birthday!

So, how has this month been (blogging wise - we all know how awful my luck has been)?

Page Views: 19002 (5192 in May)
Followers: 177 (21 new in May, 1 leaver)
Posts: 149 (28 in May)

Another month where I haven't posted every day, for various reasons. I'm not unhappy about that - posting every day is a chore and distracts from painting time, plus there's often nothing really for me to post about.

It would be good to reach 25,000 page views in time for my blog's first half-birthday so that I can do a combined prize draw, but I think that is unlikely to happen unless I become a blog-whore and engage in extensive self promotion. Mind you, I should get pretty close, so you never know.


  1. Your blog is doing very well. I am sure you will reach 25K. Keep up the good work.

  2. Keep at it, I'm sure you'll make 25k. :-)

  3. Keep on going you'll do well I AM SURE OF IT!!!

  4. Yes, you're doing well in terms of stats. I'm a month behind you, but a long way off in terms of views and followers (not that it's a competition, of course). Perhaps I need to post more pictures of horses :)

  5. Awesome! I have found that running a blog helped me keep focused on my projects, and a reason to get stuff done and nicely painted over and above the tabletop purposes

  6. I did some checking and as it turns out, we both created our blogs on the opposite ends of the same month.

    And may you carry on another five months and five more after that. :)

  7. I just vissit for another pageview ;-)

  8. Well done and I am sure you'll get 25k in 6 moths which is awesome

  9. Keep up the great work! I try and post at least twice a week, its a bonus if I post anymore.

  10. Go on...:-)

    By the way, you still haven' t chosen the miniature for our draw!...


    1. I was opting out of the draw, to allow others more of a chance, but as no-one so far has put themselves forward for the SF trooper, I'll stick my name down for that :)

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  12. Bloody good result. There´s been a couple of "leavers" recently..why? Their blogs have gone down or maybe google is f-ing about as usual. As for becoming a blog "whore"..why not :-D

    Previous post deleted due to my dreadfull spelling which seriously needed correction :-D

  13. Your consistent posting has inspired me to try and post something at least 5 times a week. I figure if I'm able to post something I'm making progress on my projects.

    I'll be at a year and my stats are behind yours - but you've been way more prolific in posts, more interesting content, better writing, shall I go on?

    Keep it up.

  14. No need to post every day, but if you hit that figure well then.............

    seriously do as you feel good with, drop off when you feel the need, churn when the ideas are there. As it has never been boring it works well. We do need game reports and you are winning me hands down on those.

    I started in September and until the pimping youwere involved in I struggled for followers but now I have a good following, but yours is better LOL


  15. You'll have no bother getting to the 25k by the 6 month anniversary - and you certainly don't need to post every day to do it either!

  16. "No need to post every day"

    Indeed. And if your material isn't necessarily of the 'what I did/played/painted today' kind of stuff then you can write it when the muse strikes you and schedule it for later. I have posts written and ready to go for about the next three or four weeks; my blog will update even if I don't look at it until the end of the month.