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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pimping Plastic & Rubbishy Rain

Pimping Plastic

I went along to the club this evening to distribute Saga stuff to people who'd asked me to pick things up for them and to split packs of plastic Vikings and Saxons for others who wanted them. I didn't have a game set up (probably just as well as it would have interfered with the plastic pimping). We had a good turnout this evening - 18 players (5 games of Fog:AM, 1 of FoG:R, a game of Epic, another of Maurice and the 9th was King of the Battlefield), plus myself, another club member and a visitor from New York.

Saga certainly seems to have been a bug that was hiding itself away in our club, just waiting for an agent to cause an outbreak. In the space of just a few days there are 16 of us signed up for the campaign and a few more who might be interested.

Rubbishy Rain

It's piddling down here in London and the forecasts suggest it is going to stay this way for the next few days. My cuirassiers will have to wait to receive their matt varnish spray coat and my Secret Project will be on hold as well - the next step needs to be done outside.

So, what's a girl to do? I guess the obvious thing is to make a start on my Viking warband for Saga. For the campaign we're doing each player starts with a 1 point force of warriors or levies. The size of your warband increases as you play games - by 1 point for a win or after your second successive loss. When you reach 3 points, you can add Hearthguard, when you reach 4 points you get to have a Warlord.

I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to approach this. It would make sense to prep, assemble, prime and do initial detailing (flesh, armour) for the whole lot then work on them singly or in pairs. Then again, I'll want to get 8 figures off the workbench pretty quickly, so I might want to do the initial batch of 8 Bondi in one go.

We've kind-of-agreed that it will be OK to play with WIP figures, so they'll need to be mounted on 25mm washers from the start - may as well add some ground texture before I prime them.

I'm actually quite keen to have a female warband leader but as I wasn't sure where to look for suitable figures, I posted a question on TMP and got flooded with suggestions very quickly. I think I'll go with one of the Shadow Forge miniatures, maybe with some extra females slipped into the Hearthguard and Warrior units. Another option is Eowyn from GW's Lord of the Rings range, but at £15 for a foot and mounted version it's a bit of an outlay. Mind you, from the pics I saw on their site they do look very nice figures.


  1. It's been a while since I've studied Old Norse, but I believe the plural of bóndi is bændr.

    18 players-- wow, but that's impressive. You meet right in London, correct?

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  3. Another one falls to the Saga flu! Bless You!

  4. Sounds great. looking forward to some pic's Tamsin.

  5. oooh, more Saga :-)

    Some good ideas for the campaign, do you have a map or something to fight over, or do you just decide battles and have a go at eachother?

    Have you decided on a limit to avoid someone getting a few early wins getting too powerful?

  6. What you need is a cardboard box rig. Take it down to the bus stop, open up and spray, dash home. The Police will never catch you!!!


  7. I like your club's approach to its SAGA campaign. Start with small battles and build your way up. Really a neat way to give people time to get a full-size war band painted, yet still get some games in.