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Friday, 29 June 2012

WIP: Saka Vikings, both batches #2

I had a spurt of activity earlier this evening and painted the shield designs on all 32 figures. Each one is unique. That's right - 32 different shield designs. OK, they are basic 2-colour jobs, but some are fancier than others. Looking at the photos, there are a few where I need to go back and do a bit of tidying up, but not too bad overall.

So, here you go - pretty pictures (well, pictures although maybe not pretty):

Tomorrow I plan to get the detailing done and "correct" the over-heavy wash on the unarmoured guys - thanks for the tips. To be honest, I'm not sure if the wash step is necessary given that I'll be giving them a Klear/ink coat later on. Lesson learnt. I should have that stage done by tomorrow night (I'll take pics beforehand - you don't want to see these guys glossy) then on Sunday I'll do the matt varnish spray and at least make a start on the basing.

This bunch will give me enough for a 6 point warband (4 x 4 Hearthguard; 2 x 8 Warriors) so they should keep me happy for a while. At some point I'll probably want to add some Levy bowmen and a unit of berserkers, but I'll take some time out from playing with plastics first. Besides - I've still got my 30YW army, Scythians, the original "Secret Project" and a few Sarmatians to be completed (not to forget the battlebots, Chewks and space demons).


  1. 6 point warband? My arn't you confident LOL

    Good luck in the games


  2. 32 shield designs in an evening! That would just about finish me off!

  3. 32 shield designs would take me about 60 days. Good work there.

  4. That´s a lot of painted miniatures!! You are fast!!

    About berserkers: a lot of people have spare Warlord Games plastic celts, there are several barechested torsos and some nice legs on trousers. If you add some viking shields you can have very nice plastic berserkers. Another way to make them would be by using Wargame Factory Ancient German bodies. Maybe some people in your club have those plastic miniatures and you can get some of them.