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Sunday, 3 June 2012

WIP: 30YW Foot, the Red-Green Regiment #1; WIP: Second Batch Sarmatian "Other Cavalry" #2

WIP: 30YW Foot, the Red-Green Regiment

Sorry about the lighting of that photo - it seems to have come out darker than it appeared on the camera.

"Hang on a second - didn't she say this was the "RED-Green" regiment?"
"You're right - she must have meant the Yellow-Green regiment"
"Maybe she's simply lost it?"
"Is there such a thing as red-yellow colour blindness?"
"Probably the stress of losing all those games of FoG!"
"Does anyone want to tell her?"

No, I haven't lost the plot and you are seeing yellow not red. That is because I'm using Yellow Ochre as a basecoat to paint the red over.

Done today:

  • Basecoats - Black 950 for armour, muskets barrels and rests; Yellow Ochre 913 for jackets and officers' trousers
  • Faces and hands - Flesh Base 341 (Panzer Aces) 
  • Hair - German Camo Pale Brown 825; Colonel = German Camo Medium Brown 826
  • Dry-brushed Oily Steel 865 on armour, musket barrels and rests
  • Pike& halberd shafts, flagpoles and musket stocks - Mahogany Brown 846
  • Company flags, officer sashes, drum sides - Flat Green 968
  • Stockings - Pastel Green 885
  • Shoes and Boots - Black Grey 862
  • Breeches - German Camo Pale Brown 825, German Camo Medium Brown 826
  • Ground colour on bases - Flat Earth 983

Tomorrow I should be able to get the rest done:

  • Jackets (and officers' breeches) 
  • Cuffs, ribbons and any other bits that need to be in Flat Green
  • Collars and piping
  • Hats and feathers
  • Leather bits
  • Apostles and match cords
  • Metalwork

WIP: Second Batch Sarmatian "Other Cavalry"

As i wrote last night, I did manage to do the Klear/ink coat and to glu the figures onto their bases before heading off to bed. This morning I added the basing gunk and I've just dry-brushed it with Revell Afrika Brown. Hopefully the weather will be a bit better tomorrow and I'll be able to do the matt varnish spray and then the flocking/clumping.


So, what's on the cards for tomorrow?

Finish the Sarmatians if the weather is good
Finish off the Red-Green 30YW foot
Make a start on the 30YW cuirassiers


  1. Interesting, with a yellow ochre base the red will have a warm tone. With a white base the red would be a cold tone even if more brilliant.

    Happy Wargaming.


  2. "Probably the stress of losing all those games of FoG!"...harsh but true!

  3. Looking cracking so far - And the jackets look green to me!