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Thursday, 7 July 2022

Wednesday Workbench 06 July 2022

Drat! Just missed Wednesday in the UK, but it is still Wednesday somewhere! As you can see, I'm reasonably busy.

I've started work on the next batch of Waffen SS, just six figures this time:

I should finish painting them tomorrow, but I expect varnishing will occur on Friday.

3D Printing - Type S Scout

Today has been taken up with several relatively short prints and one longer print which should finish in an hour or so. The next few stages will be quite long jobs as they are internal detail pieces which I'll be printing at higher resolution and slower speeds.

I've now completed the lower fuselage and all but one piece of the rear cap:

It's just over 25" long and is 17" wide at the rear. The purple clips you can see protruding at the rear are temporary to keep the rear cap in place - they'll be replaced with "flush" clips in the final model.


  1. Nice work on the Germans Tamsin, and the 3D print is turning into a real beast.

    1. Cheers! If you think this is a beast, wait until I get hold of the 200 Ton Free Trader later this year - twice the size (volume-wise)! :)

  2. Fast painting for SS! - The 3d print has the 'Imperial March' from Star Wars running in my brain, thanks for that!!!

    1. Thanks! It's quite possible that the original drawings of the Type S may have been influenced by the Imperial Star Destroyers. :)